Center for Big Data and Decision-Making Technologies


Create and enhance a research, teaching, and university-enterprise collaboration platform for business decision-making and technological innovation, by leveraging big data technologies.


  • Apply big data technologies to business problem-solving, across various business disciplines (e.g., Finance, Accounting, Management)
  • Transfer research insights to drive innovation for governance, product, and services
  • Develop talent with Information Technology and related expertise in a big data learning and teaching environment

Research Areas

  • Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence:
    Utilize massive business data and machine learning algorithms to optimize enterprise and government decisions
  • Business Data Analytics & Visualization:
    Create dashboard for interactive presentation of business insights and public opinions to support enterprise and government decision-making
  • Social Network Analytics:
    Study information diffusion through social network, e.g., social media, based on textual mining and feature engineering

Center Members

Principal Investigator: Dr. Rongjuan Chen, CBPM
Information Systems co-PI: Dr. Jing Ma, CBPM
Accounting co-PI: Dr. Chunxiao Xue, CBPM
Finance co-PI: Dr. Jianing Zhang, CBPM

Honors & Awards

S & P Corporate Valuation Modeling Challenge, Top 10 of China (2021, 2022)
HSBC Business Plan Competition, 7th Place of South China (2022)
Zhejiang Open Data Innovation Contest, Third Prize and Honorable Mention Prize (2021)
WKU Student Research Day, Best Presentation Award and Best Research Award (2017, 2018, 2022)
International Conference on Communication and Information Systems, Best Paper Award (2017, 2019)

Since 2021 Fall, the center has supervised more than 60 students on research projects and published in conferences and journals, including: 15 conference presentations, 33 conference proceedings, 5 ABDC-indexed journals, 7 Scopus-indexed journals, 3 revised and resubmitted at ABDC-indexed journals, and 3 under review at ABDC-indexed journals.