Marketing is the study of understanding, targeting, and satisfying consumer markets on a global scale by offering superior value, innovation, and relationships. Students will learn how to benefit from local, national and global market opportunities and trends through the conceptualization and implementation of well-differentiated marketing tactics and strategies. The marketing major emphasizes the knowledge, skills, and concepts necessary for effective performance in the various functional areas of marketing, such as advertising, product development, marketing research, and distribution channel. The field integrates economics, sociology, psychology, and statistics to facilitate marketing systems and processes. The marketing electives offer an opportunity for students to dig into more specialized areas based on their interests and career goals. In 2019, the program was elected as the Provincial First-Class undergraduate program development project.

The curriculum is closely associated with the market and offers exchanges between faculty and students such as marketing analysis and discussion, market simulation experiments, market management, and research experiments. Our school has introduced the mature professional curriculum system from Kean University, USA, and integrates it with the Chinese professional courses to absorb the latest ideas from domestic and foreign counterparts. The program integrates Bloomberg terminals fully and partially into relevant courses. Students will gain an in-depth understanding of management models, entrepreneurship, consumer markets, media, technology, and globalization processes related to contemporary economic trends, and will be able to work in multinational corporations, international companies, government agencies or other non-profit organizations.

We actively connect with off-campus entrepreneurs to be students’ mentors, and launch various innovation and entrepreneurship competitions. For instance, we have successfully organized Marketing Marathon sponsored by Zhejiang Yiming Food Co., Ltd., which has received student’s active participation and positive response. This interactive event, as a sub-branch of the Hackathon, has developed maturely these years and been held multiple times in prestigious universities such as Harvard and Yale. Another example comes as the Shark Pool Business Plan Competition held in our university, the final champions, “social dog” cafe team and the “Page” campus souvenir team, are authorized to register and operate related businesses on the campus and to serve the teachers, staffs and students of the whole university. The Business Skills Committee, which is composed of professional business teachers, also uses their own network resources to find the possibility of practical practice for students.


Career Prospects

B.S. in Marketing provides students with a wide range of career options in the broad and diverse business areas, such as brand management, advertising, public relations, marketing communications, market research, retail and logistics, international trade and marketing, sales management, customer relations, e-commerce, social media, sports and entertainment, leisure, hospitality and tourism, project planning, consulting, corporate investment and non-profit organizations.

The curriculum is designed to develop students’ ability to apply professional skills, problem-solving skills, business awareness and communication skills. The graduates are qualified for a variety of roles in marketing, such as advertising, brand management, marketing and public relations, business intelligence, online marketing, sales and project planning, and product management. Graduates are also qualified for senior positions in other business sectors, such as business consultants, operations managers, and management trainees, procurement specialists, etc.

Graduates can also go further studies in corporate management major. More than 60 percent of the graduates choose to go abroad for postgraduate studies, more than half of whom receive offers from top 50 graduate schools in the world, such as New York University in the United States. Graduates who choose to work usually enter leading multinational companies and take manager positions, such as Sephora and Coach.

Selected Graduate Schools:

Duke University Washington University New York University
University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign University of Michigan, Ann Arbor London School of Economics and Political Science
University of Hong Kong University of Edinburgh University of Manchester

(Source: WKU 2020&2021 Annual Graduate Employment Quality Report)


Knowledge and Skills

Students will study marketing concepts and strategies required by various marketing operations and gain insight into the concepts, principles and activities of contemporary marketing management. The professional courses in our business school will help students identify and define information needs, manage big data, design and implement research projects, and learn how to interpret assessment results.


Major (Core) Required Courses

  • Consumer Behavior
  • Marketing Research
  • International Marketing
  • Seminar in Marketing Strategy


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