The mission of B.S. Global Business is to provide a world-class education to demographically, economically, and culturally diverse students who are motivated to become the next generation of successful, socially-responsible global leaders, innovators, and entrepreneurs. We offer students a demanding and dynamic program of excellence. For example, we integrated Bloomberg terminals fully and partially into relevant courses. All the courses are taught by recognized experts, and caring faculty with exposure to best global business practices. In 2017, B.S. Global Business Program was listed in the “13th Five-Year “characteristic academic program of Zhejiang colleges and universities. In 2019, the program was elected as the Provincial First-Class undergraduate program development project. Meanwhile, Global Business is a recognized major at Kean University US.

B.S. Global Business contributes to a prosperous, diverse and dynamic world. Students earning a global business degree are prepared to face the complex international marketplace, working for global and international companies, mid-size companies and entrepreneurial enterprises with global reach. We provide a real-world, high-impact education that gives students powerful tools they will need in the workforce of today, and tomorrow. Global business students’ benefit from prestigious multinational business connections, overseas internships and an accessible and exceptional faculty. Students will graduate with the real-world professional skills and an in-depth understanding of international trade that employer around the globe demand.

Global Practicum provides student-consulting teams with uniquely immersive professional opportunities as they put their business skills to the test against real world challenges. The simulation team will also train students before participating in the practical project. It not only provides students with the most professional training programs in the future international business direction, but also establishes science and environmental concept to cultivate students’ consciousness of the sustainable development strategy of the environment.


Career Prospects

Studying Global Business not only helps students understand business on a global scale but also develops their generic skills of flexibility, problem-solving ability, commercial awareness and communication, all highly valued by employers. Our graduates advance their careers in Fortune Global 500 companies. Over half of our graduates continue to graduate schools around the world.

Selected Graduate Schools:

Columbia University University of Chicago Johns Hopkins University
Washington University New York University London School of Economics and Political Science
University of Edinburgh University of Manchester University of Sydney

(Source: WKU 2020&2021 Annual Graduate Employment Quality Report)


Knowledge and Skills

B.S. in Global Business major involves the study of foreign exchange management, international capital markets, the international treasury functions, the European monetary systems, Development Banks and the Emerging Capital markets. Successful management of global collaboration not only relies on cultural sensitivity of the person involved, but also depends on their values of management in face of multi-faceted international relationships and abilities to plan out and carry out global strategy in practical terms. Global Business Practicum offers students hands-on business experience in an international setting. The emphasis is on developing student’s problem-solving ability and providing viable plans to meet the need of a client firm when working in a cross-cultural team. Students may begin work as virtual teams before traveling to the host country to complete the project.


Major (Core) Required Courses

  • International Management
  • International Business and Trade
  • International Marketing
  • Global Business Practicum
  • Sustainable Global Business & Technology
  • Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  • Organizational Behavior


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