English B.A. – English in Standard Option

The B.A. in English in Standard Option is an exciting program of study that invites students to engage in global cultural studies through the imaginative lens of literary analysis. Our program provides a foundation in critical interpretive strategies and offers an historical foundation in English, American, and world literatures. Students can choose from a variety of engaging literature and writing elective courses and can pursue undergraduate research by partnering with professors on research projects through our digital humanities and world literature research centers. Moreover, we offer opportunities to collaborate with literature students and faculty from other universities in China and around the world.

Through an intensive study of literature, students develop skills in critical thinking, interpretation, oral and written communication, and analysis that develop the life of the mind while also preparing students to excel in graduate studies in English, education, law, or medicine. Graduates can also pursue careers in a variety of professional fields including education, journalism, professional and technical writing, social media, publishing, editing and content management, public relations, grant writing, marketing, human resources, and fundraising.

Major (Core) Required Courses

  • ENG 2000 Analytical Writing About Literature
  • ENG 2205 British Literature I
  • ENG 2206 British Literature II
  • ENG 2220 Diverse Tradition Voices American Literature I
  • ENG 2221 Diverse Tradition Voices American Literature II
  • ENG 3215 Shakespeare Survey
  • ENG 3001 Critical Approaches to Literature

Knowledge and Skills

  • Read literature in a global context to explore a variety of cultures
  • Think critically about complex topics from multiple perspectives
  • Enhance creative thinking and aesthetic understanding
  • Develop transferable skills such as critical thinking and interpretation, research and persuasive writing, and oral and written communication

Faculty Team

All faculty in the School of English Studies at WKU are highly qualified professionals in the fields of Applied Linguistics, Rhetoric, TESOL, Literature, Translation, and other related fields. Most professors have received their educational qualifications from institutions of good repute in the USA, the UK and other countries. Our faculty have been selected based on having acquired several years of teaching experience in the USA and abroad as well as their being cognizant of the cultural and social implications of higher learning in the China context. The School of English Studies operates on the premise that all students receive a similar learning experience, develop an appreciation for a wide variety of thought and experience, and develop a broad worldview. As such, we prepare our students to be global thinkers and influencers.

Career Prospects

  • Graduate study in English, medicine, law, journalism, international studies, and business management
  • Secondary school teaching
  • Publishing, journalism, and media
  • Technical and professional writing
  • Public relations, advertising, and marketing
  • Communications-oriented employment in business, corporations, the arts, the community, non-governmental organizations, and government