Computer Science Program is to prepare students to think critically and creatively to succeed in implementation of computer based solutions to adapt to the changing technological and social environments in a global economy.

This program, which emphasizes English as the medium of instruction and the cross-disciplinary study, provides students with both theoretical and practical knowledge and skills, in preparation for their future career.

With an emphasis on research experience and industry internships, we offer small class sizes and an ideal faculty-student ratio for focused education. Students enjoy dedicated faculty, and an immersive learning environment for knowledge building and research. The program at Wenzhou is indispensable from the Kean Union campus. Huge possible opportunities of learning, researching, practicing and working are bridged between here and New Jersey.

For students who want to pursue higher degrees, we have some multidisciplinary research projects, including computational emotions and neuro-marketing, gamification in business and education, privacy and security in social media, artificial intelligence, human computer interaction, sentiment analysis and data mining, etc.

Program Educational Objectives

The mission of the Computer Science Department at Wenzhou Kean University is to offer a nationally accredited program in a public cosmopolitan environment which prepares students for a professional career in computing or to continue onto graduate studies in a related field.

The Computer Science Department has adopted four university-based educational program objectives to accomplish this mission. Graduates will be able to:

1. Think critically, creatively and globally;

2. Adapt to changing social, economic, and technological environments;

3. Serve as active and contributing members of their communities; and

4. Advance their knowledge in the traditional disciplines (GE) and enhance their skills in the professional area of Computer Science.


What You Learn

You get the chance to conduct original research and secure internships in several industries, all while learning in small classes designed to prepare you for the job market.

  • Expand your knowledge of programming languages, techniques and emerging technologies
  • Mitigate and address cybersecurity breaches and threats
  • Study artificial intelligence, data mining, database systems, digital forensics, software engineering and web programming
  • Create and improve computer software and hardware to solve business and communication challenges
  • Build a professional network and benefit from valuable internship opportunities

Career Prospects

The Computer Science program prepares technically oriented professionals for leadership and management positions in business, education, and government or graduate studies. With provision of technology and research related opportunities in this program, you will fulfill your goals of entering and advancing in technical and managerial positions at all levels in the computing and information technology fields.


Major (Core) Required Courses

Data Structures

Analysis of Algorithms

Principles of Networking

Computer Architecture

Computer Operating Systems

Object Oriented Analysis & Design

Computer Organization & Programming


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