The WKU biological sciences program will prepare students to become scientists with a global perspective, and international quality research capabilities.  The biology program is committed to developing students with a solid theoretical knowledge of biological sciences; cultivating students’ biological research and analytical thinking abilities; providing advanced scientific instrument skills; and experimental design and implementation abilities.

The biology program is designed to develop a deep understanding of how the application of biological sciences is critical to the long-term economic, cultural and social development of global communities through advanced research and management experience.  This program will use cutting edge educational techniques to develop future leaders of global science and technology programs who have a unique understanding of biological sciences coupled with the ability to develop innovative solutions in biology, medicine, pharmacology and technology.

Graduates of this program will be well prepared to pursue advanced degrees at top universities around the world, join research and technology firms that are developing state of the art technologies and products or to enter governmental agencies to develop technical solutions to our most challenging problems.


Career Prospects

Graduates from the WKU biology program will develop a deep core knowledge base in biology, chemistry and physics. By preparing our students with the skills necessary for advanced degrees or biology related careers, combined with excellent English speaking skills and an international perspective, our graduates will be well prepared for a variety of educational and career paths.  Fields such as genetic engineering, pharmacology/drug development, biomedical engineering are rapidly developing nationally and internationally.  These fields offer qualified applicants high paying and challenging positions.  With the background developed in the WKU Biology program, our graduates can establish careers in international biotechnology, biomedical or microbiological research and technology companies, higher education and government organizations as well as many other biology related enterprises.


Knowledge and Skills Students will Grasp during the Study

  • The students will have an excellent command of technical and social English.  They will also develop strong interpersonal and group communication skills.  With their existing capabilities in Mandarin, they will be positioned to work or study in any international environment.
  • Graduates will have the ability to take theoretical concepts and apply them to the real world. The Biology program will provide a solid theoretical knowledge of biology, chemistry and physics coupled with applied research and analytical capabilities. With this background, graduates of this program will be expected to be able to employ theoretical concepts and develop applied methodologies for research and practical applications.  We expect our graduates to be able to utilize these abilities to work at the frontiers of the biological sciences.
  • Students will have developed excellent biological experimental skills, including developing and conducting innovative research.
  • WKU Biology Program graduates are expected to have the skills necessary to be able to work in a wide array of professional biology related fields including education, research and development, management and applied biotechnology, molecular biology, biomedical research and microbiology.


Major (Core) Required Courses

General Chemistry

Organic Chemistry And Experiments

General Physics

General Biology



Cell Physiology

Molecular Genetics

Anatomy And Physiology