Center for Curriculum and Data Management

Center for Curriculum and Data Management is a branch affiliated to the Office of Academic Affairs. According to the University’s overall work plan and requirements, the center arranges and checks teaching, organizes textbooks, collects teaching information and strengthens supervision to improve management efficiency and ensure teaching quality.

Main Responsibilities

  1. Formulate and check teaching plans and set teaching assignments.
  2. Check and verify specific teaching plans.
  3. Organize classrooms for all courses.
  4. Arrange and regulate face to face and online courses.
  5. Conduct regular and specific checks on the teaching operation.
  6. Coordinate problems and cope with emergencies in teaching.
  7. Collect, check and report teaching-related information.
  8. Organize activities on course development and faculty competitions.
  9. Gather information on the collection, selection, distribution and the expense claim of textbooks.
  10. Manage the data and inventory of textbooks.
  11. Maintain and update the platform of textbooks acquisition.
  12. Coordinate with upper-level departments for textbook management.
  13. Carry on works assigned by other departments.

Meet the Team

Textbook Management Specialist:Jin Qianyu

Textbook Management Specialist:Yang Jie

Course Scheduling and Data Management Specialist:Luo Zheng

Research Assistant:Ren Yaoyao

Contact Us

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Office: WKH A209