Use of Refinitiv data on the WRDS platform Workshop

Refinitiv, part of the London Stock Exchange Group, is a leading international financial information and trading platform provider, serving over 40,000 organizations in more than 190 countries/regions worldwide. Combining industry expertise with innovative technology and backed by Reuters, the world’s most trusted news organization, Refinitiv products provide users with financial market and compliance risk data and a wide range of media news. Refinitiv data is a key component of the WRDS platform, which provides users with access to a vast array of data to support the research and teaching of university faculty and students.

Datastream, a time series database, provides daily closing prices for multiple asset classes worldwide and includes key global macro indicators. Consensus estimate data I/B/E/S provides a global view of corporate, industry, and critical metrics prognostic information. SDC Mergers & Acquisitions database covers more than 621,000 transactions across the globe, including mergers, acquisitions, acquisitions, acquisitions of shares, disposals and divestitures, rumors, and more. Mutual Fund Holdings is a database that contains a wide range of mutual fund positions.


Time09/26/2023 (Tuesday) 14:00-15:00


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  • Datastream – Mr. Julian
  • I/B/E/S – Mr. Julian
  • SDC M&A – Mr. Julian
  • Mutual Fund Holdings – Mr. Frank

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Refinitiv Help Desk: 400 881 1408

WRDS support:

WRDS website:


Julian, M.S. of Financial Engineering from NYU, now works as a Customer Success Manager for the London Stock Exchange Group in the Data & Analytics – Refinitiv division. Before joining the London Stock Exchange Group, he worked at Trust Commercial Bank as an Assistant Manager for four years.

Frank has multiple years of experience working for the London Stock Exchange Group in the Data & Analytics – Refinitiv division as a senior Customer Learning Manager and a senior expert in M&A and investment.

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