Reading is Always Beneficial | Reading Reflections on Freshman Reading Activity (Including List of Gift Winners)

As the autumn breeze carries the refreshing scent of osmanthus flowers, it’s t9he perfect time to read by the lakeside. Ever since Vice President Yang Yixin recommended the precious freshman reading list to us, it has captured the attention of many freshmen, inspiring them to read and share their reading reflections. Among the many books, WKUers seem to particularly enjoy EducatedA Memoir, which has been borrowed multiple times by several readers. Meanwhile, Flowers for Algernon, A Woman Makes a Plan and Selected essays by Wang Zengqi consistently arouse freshmen’s thought, sparking numerous reflections and insights that they enthusiastically share.

Wenzhou-Kean University Library chooses some outstanding reflections to promote, hoping that all students can find the pleasure in books and make reading a habit, accompanying them in their journey through life. Now, let’s read the reflections of our freshmen together (More reading reflections will be present in SLAC 3F Atrium).

LI Yue 《生活,是很好玩的》


LI Wanming 《学会提问》



SHI Jiayi The Things You Can See Only When You Slow Down

I first encountered this book when I was wandering in the library with my friend and noticed the activity, the book list for the freshman. I haven’t read a book out of interest for many years. Therefore, I thought it was an excellent opportunity to enrich my vocabulary by reading an English book, and its exquisite cover also attracted me. However, I was deeply spellbound when I began to read it.

Written by a Buddhist monk, this book contains several different hard periods we may face in our daily lives and will advise us on how to deal with them. Each chapter is about one word that is essential to us, and then it will use meaningful and sincere words to give people suggestions, which may sound a bit boring. Nevertheless, if you read this book, you’ll find it easy to understand the author’s meaning because he often uses his own experience to explain. In the chapter about love, he tells us how he fell in love with a woman but finally had to give up. If you read this book slowly, you’ll probably feel relaxed and observe the elegant and suitable illustrations. As the name of this book says, maybe we neglect something because of our busy lives. Perhaps we should spare some time to make ourselves slow down. However, I don’t think that means we don’t need to speed up sometimes; this book wants to suggest that we shouldn’t be overwhelmed by our hectic schedule. When we realize how to slow down, we will probably find the beauty in life and get rid of these negative emotions.

WKU Library has selected the lucky readers based on the completeness and originality of submitted book reviews or reflections. Additionally, the student who borrows the most books can also receive one of the activity books prepared by the WKU Library. Winning students can get their prizes at the Library Service Desk in the third floor of Student Learning and Activity Center (Mon. to Sun.: 8:30 a.m. – 10:00 p.m.) by presenting their campus ID cards.


Name ID Gift
马** 13**895 Book*1、Canvas bag*1、Bookmark*1
李* 13**063 Book*1、Canvas bag*1、Bookmark*1
李* 13**136 Book*1、Canvas bag*1、Bookmark*1
闫** 13**013 Book*1、Canvas bag*1、Bookmark*1
张** 12**462 Book*1、Canvas bag*1、Bookmark*1
陈* 13**252 Book*1、Canvas bag*1、Bookmark*1
邱** 13**885 Book*1、Canvas bag*1、Bookmark*1
范** 13**181 Book*1、Canvas bag*1、Bookmark*1
孙** 12**589 Book*1、Canvas bag*1、Bookmark*1
李** 13**203 Book*1、Canvas bag*1、Bookmark*1
邵** 13**594 Book*1、Canvas bag*1、Bookmark*1
时** 13**894 Book*1、Canvas bag*1、Bookmark*1
刘** 13**304 Canvas bag*1、Bookmark*1
张** 13**026 Canvas bag*1、Bookmark*1
范** 13**250 Canvas bag*1、Bookmark*1
张** 13**394 Canvas bag*1、Bookmark*1
肖* 13**209 Canvas bag*1、Bookmark*1
杨** 13**047 Canvas bag*1、Bookmark*1
高** 13**100 Canvas bag*1、Bookmark*1
朱*** 13**892 Canvas bag*1、Bookmark*1
杨** 13**063 Canvas bag*1、Bookmark*1
贺** 13**079 Canvas bag*1、Bookmark*1
魏* 13**065 Canvas bag*1、Bookmark*1
李** 13**296 Canvas bag*1、Bookmark*1
张** 13**394 Canvas bag*1、Bookmark*1
林** 12**872 Canvas bag*1、Bookmark*1
刘** 11**986 Canvas bag*1、Bookmark*1
沈** 13**233 Canvas bag*1、Bookmark*1
黄** 12**291 Canvas bag*1、Bookmark*1
张** 13**106 Canvas bag*1、Bookmark*1
肖** 13**957 Canvas bag*1、Bookmark*1
梅* 13**194 Canvas bag*1、Bookmark*1
徐* 13**365 Canvas bag*1、Bookmark*1
徐** 13**959 Bookmark*1
余** 13**328 Bookmark*1
段** 11**660 Bookmark*1
宣** 13**491 Bookmark*1
杜** 13**372 Bookmark*1
周** 11**981 Bookmark*1
卢** 13**934 Bookmark*1
张** 13**026 Bookmark*1
苗** 13**945 Bookmark*1
廖** 13**925 Bookmark*1
李** 13**935 Bookmark*1
袁** 11**678 Bookmark*1
徐** 13**080 Bookmark*1


Name ID Gift
张** 13**106 Book*1
邵** 13**594 Book*1
张** 13**394 Book*1
朱** 13**333 Book*1
任** 11**545 Book*1


Furthermore, recommended books will be cataloged and included in the collection of Wenzhou-Kean University Library, and interested faculty and students are welcome to borrow them from the library starting from September 25, 2023!



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