Teachers’ Devotion is as Spring Wind Turns Clouds into Rain

On September 8, Wenzhou-Kean University celebrated the 39th Teachers’ Day and held the Advanced Commendation Tea Party in the conference room of CBPM. University leaders Wang Beijiao, Cary Anderson, Zheng Xiaodong, Yan Xiaopeng, Zhou Dong, Lin Zhaozhao and Lin Yangfan attended the event.

The meeting was presided by Dr. Cary Anderson, Executive Vice Chancellor of WKU. According to Dr. Anderson, he has witnessed the dedication of all faculty and staff members to the success of students since his arrival at WKU and shared two inspirational quotes about educators.

Dr. Cary Anderson, Executive Vice Chancellor of WKU

Then came the presentation of the awards by WKU leadership to recognize outstanding individuals including the winners of the 10th Anniversary Service Award as well as the faculty and staff who excelled in teaching, research and creativity, administration management, and logistic services.

Ms. Lu Lisu, Coordinator, Office of University Affairs

Speaking on behalf of the 10th Anniversary Service Award winners, Ms. Lu Lisu from the Office of University Affairs fondly referred to her ten years at WKU, which was an important chapter in her career and personal life. She has not only witnessed the continuous growth of the university and her family but also felt the help and inspiration from colleagues and students. These experiences have taught her the spirit of cooperation, commitment and contribution, as well as the courage to face challenges.

Mr. Hu Gangbo, Assistant Director, Office of Student Affairs

As a representative of the WKU Excellence Awards in Teaching, Mr. Hu Gangbo from Office of Student Affairs extended his gratitude to the WKU leadership and colleagues for their support and assistance. He looked back on his ten years at WKU, during which he gained valuable experience in various positions. His speech also highlighted the changes and developments that have taken place from the university’s establishment stage until now. He believes that WKUers will continue carrying forward the spirit of constant exploration and innovation.

Dr. Omar Dib, Assistant Professor, College of Science, Mathematics and Technology

As one of the winners of the Excellence Award in Teaching, Dr. Omar Dib expressed his heartfelt thanks to everyone. He noted in his speech that WKU is a university with diligence, enthusiasm and a relentless pursuit of excellence. He believes that the university will be a vibrant, international, intellectually stimulating place to learn and grow with the consistent efforts of students, faculty, and staff.

Dr. Chen Rongjuan, Assistant Professor, College of Business & Public Management

Dr. Chen Rongjuan from College of Business and Public Management, Wenzhou Outstanding Workers in Education, talked about her pride in the growth and achievements of students since she joined WKU eight years ago. In the WKU family, she found good role models in work and life. To her thinking, the support of the leadership, the encouragement of colleagues and the trust of students will lead WKU to have a bright future.

Mr. Wang Beijiao, Party Secretary, Chairman of the Board of Directors of WKU

Chairman Wang Beijiao mentioned that this year’s Teachers’ Day holds special significance for him personally, as it marks his 10th year of service at WKU. In the past decade, he has witnessed the campus’s continuous expansion and an increase in the number of faculty and students.

Except for ten years in retrospect, he shared three expectations additionally. First, he encouraged everyone to strive for their dreams and become “Great Educators.” Being a faculty and staff member of WKU is not only about teaching knowledge and skills but also about teaching students how to do as persons. Second, he laid emphasis on remaining loyal to WKU. Despite challenges and issues arising during the university’s development, the WKU community would continuously overcome them and remain dedicated to their roles. Third is to adhere to a principle and promote international exchange and cooperation. WKU is firmly committed to the goal of building an internationalized and high-level university, and it will continue to enhance international exchanges while pursuing a distinctive path of international education.

Writer: PAN Yao

Proofreader: XIANG Wenwei