A new beginning: WKU welcomes nearly 1000 new freshmen for Fall 2023

On August 19, 2023, WKU ushered in nearly 1,000 freshmen who are from 23 provinces and municipalities, and autonomous regions in China, as well as countries such as Singapore, Malaysia, and Russia. Accompanied by their parents, the new WKUers are about to begin a new chapter in their lives.

The welcoming atmosphere at WKU starts with warm greetings at the gate of the campus.

Following the appearance of the freshmen, volunteers, logistics and security personnel were mobilized to help with the luggage and guide them to their residence halls. Additionally, 16 shuttle buses, guided by volunteers, have been allocated to pick up students at Wenzhou South Railway Station and Wenzhou Airport. On the basement floor of the Student Learning and Activity Center (SLAC), students were introduced to a range of on-campus services including medical, IT, financial, and given tips to overcome other registration issues.

A volunteer helps wheel a freshman’s belongings toward the student dormitory.

Each Freshman will receive a gift package including a T-shirt made for the Class of 2027.

Each dorm room has its own independent bathroom with hot/cold water, air conditioning and the Internet access. Residential and teaching areas are organized spaces for learning and student activities. Xie Jinchen from Beijing was impressed by the accommodations in the student dormitory and said that WKU’s heart-warming services also made her feel at home.

2023 is the first year that WKU enrolls students from Tianjin. Zhang Yipeng, who graduated from Yaohua High School in Tianjin, will soon become a Finance major at WKU. Having decided to study abroad in the junior year of high school, she soon became attracted by WKU’s global education resources and campus climate, which are conducive to her future study abroad. Considering the new semester, she hopes to become a Student Ambassador and enjoy university life.

Chairman Wang visits the residence halls to greet the new cohort of students.

This year, parents can take part in parent and family orientation onsite activities. They are allowed to enter the campus for the Orientation Day ceremony. University leaders Dr. Cary Anderson, Dr. Eric Yang and Dr. Xiaopeng Yan addressed the freshmen and discussed their study and personal development at WKU, student one-stop service, student conduct, mental health and career plan.

Parent and family also have their onsite orientation in CBPM C135.

In addition to the newcomer commencing education, the freshmen will participate in the Pre-University Intensive English Program (PIEP) in the following two weeks to familiarize the all-English teaching environment here at WKU.

Writer: Wenwei XIANG

Proofreader: Abbigail Ajim