Wenzhou-Kean University commemorates the 10th anniversary

In 2021, Wenzhou-Kean University ushered in its 10th anniversary.

On Nov. 20, Wenzhou-Kean University 10th Anniversary Celebration Conference was conducted to commemorate the occasion. Distinguished guests from all fields of work, faculty, staff, students, and alumni gathered for the momentous date.

The Chairman of the Board of Directors of WKU, Mr. Wang Beijiao, presided over the event. In his opening address, he extended sincere gratitude to all levels of governments, departments, fellow universities, and all other WKU’s supporters over its 10-years journey.

As WKU Chancellor and foreign academician of the Russian Academy of Engineering Dr. Wang Li stated, the past decade has been an endeavor of shouldering significant responsibilities and missions, a road of constantly fighting against obstacles in uplifting spirits, and a course of pursuing innovation and excellence.

The world is under the fallout of the increasing complicated international situation and the interwoven Pandemic. As a Sino-US Cooperative University, Wenzhou-Kean University fulfills its commitment to connecting China to the rest of the world, and he added. “At this new crucial starting point, we should insist on our original intention of cultivating international talents, strive for facilitating cultural exchanges while pushing WKU into a higher-level university with its one-in-kind features; we must unwaveringly consolidate and boost WKU international path head-on.”

Joining the celebration virtually, Kean President Lamont O. Repollet, Ed.D., encouraged students to cherish what they have at present and to reflect on the past: “15 years ago, our vision for Wenzhou-Kean University was very clear: to build an international, high-level university in Wenzhou, providing American-style higher education for students from all over the world.”

At present, WKU has nearly 3500 students this year, providing 20 majors in six disciplines, including economics, science, engineering, literature, management, and art, and six postgraduate and doctoral majors. Its reputation rises steadily as a high-level international university, with a beautiful campus and first-class facilities almost completed. The WKU Dream is ever closer to realization.

Back in 2006, Wenzhou University and Kean University in America forged the agreement of jointly establishing Wenzhou-Kean University. President of Wenzhou University Dr. Zhao Min delivered his congratulatory speech in full warmth, declaring Wenzhou University applauded WKU’s progress and was honored to have contributed towards its overall accomplishments. He said he is keenly looking forward to WKU’s further development in the following years.

The event also saw the attendance of the faculty team. A good example comes from faculty representative Dr. Toby Michelena, an assistant biology professor from the United States. When he arrived over six years ago, he initially found himself in an uncertain and confusing situation. Now he has close ties with the University and Wenzhou City–which he did not expect when he first arrived in this city. He is an integral part of both the WKU community and Wenzhou now. His research program for managing the Wenruitang River is a project to enhance the wellbeing of corresponding regions. His efforts were well recognized by the “2020 West Lake Friendship Award” in Zhejiang Province.

The event also features student representatives and Alumni speeches from EDD (Educational Leadership Program) student Mr. Zhang Renjie and alumna Ms. Zhang Bingyi.

Mr. Zhang Renjie’s comment on WKU could be concluded by one word—Integration. From exemplary architecture styles, course contents, teaching methods, and forms of classes to different faculty backgrounds, integration is the core of WKU. This unique international education experience will empower his academic journey.

Ms. Zhang Bingyi is one of many graduates who has witnessed her alma mater’s metamorphosis within the decade. Speaking on behalf of the WKU Alumni, she proclaimed her belief that her days at WKU paved the way for her career and endowed her with the abilities and confidence to overcome any challenges in her career.

Worth mentioning, Mr. Tao Hongjian, First-level inspector, Department of International Affairs, Ministry of Education, sent a video message to congratulate WKU’s 10th Anniversary.

Member of Standing Committee of CPC Zhejiang Provincial Committee Secretary of CPC Wenzhou Municipal Committee, Mr. Liu Xiaotao, addressed that Wenzhou-Kean University serves as an essential window for Wenzhou to expand its opening-up. The past decade saw WKU starting from scratch to soaring. He hopes WKU could continue this evolving trend, build its brand in Sino-Foreign Cooperative Running University, leverage its resources to promote cultural exchanges, play a pivotal part in advancing regional development.

Approaching the end of the celebration, 24 faculty and staff who have devoted themselves to WKU’s development for more than ten years were honored with exclusive souvenirs.

A blessing video from alumni worldwide concluded the conference and the celebration. The meeting livestreamed on Xinhuanet.com, Bilibil, and Youtube.


Writer:Alisa LAI,Xiaotong FU
Proofreader:James Tarwood