WKU 10th Anniversary The development of WKU in the new decade needs your support!

Dear alumni, faculty, staff and friends,

In November 2021, we are welcoming the 10th anniversary of Wenzhou-Kean University. It is a celebrating time for all of us.

The past decade has been one of seeding and harvest. Golden laurel exudes a burst of fragrance every autumn around the student dormitory; Grapefruits hang full of branches in front of the canteen; Tulips bloom in the walking path side……They have witnessed the hard work of WKUers in every corner of the campus, and congratulate their success in every aspect.

While we are proud of what we’ve reached in the past, we dream higher for the future. Developing Wenzhou-Kean University to become an international and high-level university providing world-class education is the common vision of every WKUers. Yet it also needs every WKUers to work together to make it come true. Every step towards the future is inseparable from everyone’s joint efforts. After a decade of accumulation, we are welcoming more students, carrying more scientific researches, building more facilities, which means we are now at the stage where we need more resources to support the comprehensive development of WKU. On the occasion of the 10th anniversary of Wenzhou-Kean University, we sincerely request your support from all WKUers and friends who care about the development of WKU! Every penny of your donation represents your support, and will help Wenzhou-Kean University in campus construction, discipline development, scientific researches, and will finally contribute to the growth of WKUers!

Thank you for your support!

Wenzhou-Kean University Education Development Foundation

Nov. 2021

Endowment Funds for WKU’s 10th Anniversary

(Please Scan the QR Code below or click the title of each fund for details)

1.WKU Students, Faculty and Staff Care Endowment Fund

Let’s celebrate the 10th Anniversary of WKU by demonstrating your care for students, faculty and staff.

Your donation will contribute to the establishment of Students, Faculty and Staff Care Endowment Fund to support those who have been suffered from different kinds of difficulties and have keen financial needs at Wenzhou-Kean University.


2.WKU Research Endowment Fund

Your donation will contribute to supporting various current and future scientific research projects in WKU.


3.WKU Track and Field Seats Endowment Fund

Your donation will be mainly used for nameplate design and production, seat purchase and construction and maintenance of the track and field stadium, construction and maintenance of other campus facilities.


4.WKU Library Endowment Fund

The WKU Library Endowment Fund will support the WKU Library’s Library Scholarship. The WKU Library’s Library Scholarship is designed to reward WKU students who have achieved academic success and scholarly accomplishments during their studies at WKU.


Other Donation Methods

Bank Account Transfer

Account Name:Wenzhou-Kean University Education Development Foundation;

Account Number:2010 0014 2552 554;

Bank Name:Baimen Branch of Ouhai Rural Commercial Bank

For large amount of donation, please contact Wenzhou-Kean University Education Development Foundation!



Donation Acknowledgement Events

1. Online Events

1.1 Matching Gift-Make it more for the funds you support

From 00:00 on November 17th to 24:00 on November 21th, 2021, the endowment funds which get 1 yuan donation will receive an extra donation of 0.5 yuan for the same fund from WKU Education Development Foundation.

1.2 Many Likes-forward your donation certificate

From 00:00 on November 17th to 24:00 on November 21th, 2021, anyone who donates and shares the donation certificate to WeChat Friend Circle, with more than 100 friends’ Likes, send the screenshot to Wenzhou-Kean University Education Development Foundation WeChat Official Account, leave your name and contact information at the same time, will receive a gift.

1.3 Special Event for WKU Students, Faculty and Staff Care 

Endowment Fund

Donations with the order of 10, 110, 210, 310, etc. (the last two digits of your sequence are “10”) will receive a gift. Donors with a cumulative amount of donation of more than 1,000 yuan can get a big lucky bag with gifts.

2. On Campus Events

Time:From 10:00 am, Nov. 20th, 2021.

Place; CBPM, GHK Hall

At the event site, there will be a looping event and eye-catching flash events. There will be endless surprises! Come and meet us!!

Some examples of souvenirs……


Special Mascot

In 2021, Wenzhou-Kean University Education Development Foundation (WKUEDF) also has its mascot. We believe the bright and sunny image of the little lion will bring extra warmth to this winter. On November 20, 2021, it will be with a lot of volunteers to celebrate the 10th anniversary of WKU together on campus. For this special day, it also prepares many exclusive gifts. Come and meet it!!


Special thanks to: Zhou Qian, the Mascot Designer, Major in Graphic Design, School of Architecture and Design, Wenzhou-Kean University.