CLA Core Course Series I PSY4230 Experimental Psychology

Experimental Psychology is one of the core courses in psychology. In experimental psychology, students integrate psychological theory and practice to examine the principles of psychological experimentation in advancing psychology in the areas of human emotion, social and cognitive behavior. Students also learn about basic to complex experimental designs in psychology and the important components of a robust experimental design, which include ethics, recruitment of the participants, designing interventions, establishing the validity and reliability of experiments, analysis of data, and report writing.

Some of our inquiries included questions like “ How does stress affect working memory?  “Is a person’s satisfaction with body image affected by social media? and how do facial traits affect people’s helping behaviors? These are some of the complex experimental topics that were guided by Professor Amrita Kaur, who guided the psychology students through the process of designing their own experiments, recruiting participants, and analyzing data, leading them to the first steps of their future research.

As a psychology instructor with extensive international teaching experience, Amrita Kaur is not only an academic mentor but also a guiding light in the students’ life journey. During her 22-year multinational teaching career, she has made approximately 70 scholarly contributions. As her members in her research project, some of us got to present at the 3rd International Scholars Conference in Malaysia. She often encourages students to actively ask questions, explore different areas of psychology, and face problems with a positive mindset.

Psychology graduates often have many career options, including mental health counselors, research assistants, childcare providers, teachers, public service providers, personnel administrators, statistical assistants, or they may choose to continue their studies in psychology or other specialized fields of psychology at the graduate level. In addition to our diverse curriculum, the psychology program is committed to creating a platform for practice and internship opportunities for students. Currently, psychology majors are eligible for internships at SunTree Counseling Center at Wenzhou-Kean University. At the same time, Wenzhou Kangning Hospital and Wenzhou Yingcai School and Wenzhou Judicial Bureau, as our partners, are also providing internship positions for our psychology students.


Author | Yang Bingyu  Amrita Kaur

Proofreader | Xiang Bingling (Evangeline)