Prince of Luxembourg joined CLA talent show online

On the evening of May 14, 2021, the charity gala for dyslexia was held at the auditorium of Wenzhou Kean University. The talent show was created by Professor John Chua, from communication, College of Liberal Arts, and his students in the course of ID 2415, as a part of their service-learning project.

Opening Dance: Flower Shower——John Chua & WKU Dance Club

Children’s Folk——Hunt Steenblik Family

You are Beautiful —— Tang Jian (唐健)

During the excellent performances, Professor John Chua and student representatives brought the good news that their project of “caring for children with dyslexia” just won the 2nd prize in the 3rd Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition of Wenzhou Kean University. Students were inspired by Professor John Chua to focus on a group of people who have difficulty reading and writing. They mentioned that in China, an estimated 10 million children are born with dyslexia. However, due to the lack of understanding, relevant public welfare project resources are extremely limited. To improve public awareness of dyslexia, the hostess introduced the concept of dyslexic and the contributions that our professor and students have made to the project. They have combined offline with online promotion to provide communication platform to these children and their families. They also used new media channels such as QQ, little red book, and bilibili to enhance propaganda, and established a “concentric community” on weibo.

In order to further improve the social influence of the project, they will cooperate with national universities, work with local women’s Federation and the Communist Youth League to enter primary and secondary schools and local communities, recruit volunteers to carry out public speeches to improve public engagement, and help more people with dyslexia.

After a brief introduction to the project, the party ushered in the most exciting moment. Louis de Nassau, Prince of Luxembourg, joined the party online. He explained the cause of dyslexia and his experiences of patients with dyslexia. He mentioned that dyslexia should not be considered a defect, rather, it is a talent, often a manifestation of one’s imagination and creativity. In the interactive Q & A session, Professor Agnes Tang from the College of Graduate proposed that how could a teacher help a student with dyslexia? In response to this question, Prince Louis said that teachers should guide and encourage students to read more books, cultivate students’ critical thinking, and let students pay attention to the understanding of what they have learned instead of just memorizing by rote. Professor Tang also appealed that because dyslexia is not a disorder or a disease, it should not be translated as a disease in Chinese. Our social community should have better understanding, respect, and care to the phenomenon.


Piano Solo: Light Your Fire——Jiang Nan (江南)

Sphinx——WKU Art Troupe

Bed Sack Dance——The Resurrection of Rag Genie

Tea Art Show——Student Club (茶艺表演——浮黎山房国学社)

Sound of Silence——WKU ACAPPELLA Band

Singing and Playing Guitar: What Do I Know——Zou Xuyang (邹徐阳)

Stand by Your Man——Tammy Wynette (Original version) / James Barnhart (Revision)

Singing and Playing Guitar: Forever Young——Elizabeth Sugar Martinez

Indian Dance ——Lana & students

Magic Show —— Zhang Yanlin & Yang Binyan (张焱霖 & 杨彬焰)

Your Appearance Really Sad Song——KKJ Group

After the party, Professor John Chua said that he was pleased to see everyone so excited and engaged. The success of the charity gala was the concerted efforts of all students from ID2415 course. We should promote more charity projects on WKU campus.

Ten men banded together in love can do what ten thousand separately would fail in.

——Thomas Carlyle


Author | Xiang Bingling (Evangeline)  Han Lu

Proofreader | Xiang Bingling (Evangeline)