Great News! WKU students achieved great results in the top international mathematical modeling competition!

Recently, the Consortium for Mathematics and Its Applications (COMAP) announced the results of the 4th annual International COMAP Scholarship Award. This year, 26,112 teams, representing 1,576 institutions and consisting of 77,594 students, participated in the Mathematical Contest in Modeling (MCM/ICM) contests. 15 teams with a total of 41 WKUers involved stood out from competitive participating teams across the world, including one Finalist (award rate 0.17%), one Meritorious Winner (award rate 7%), and two Honorable Mention (award rate 15.35%). This was the first time that WKU Students organized to attend a math contest at such a level and won such great honor.

The Mathematical Contest in Modeling is sponsored by the American Federation of Mathematics and Applications. It is the only international mathematical modeling contest and the originator of mathematical modeling competitions of this kind. The contest requires participants to complete all tasks on the designated problems in diverse cutting-edge fields within four days. Renowned universities, including Cambridge University and Oxford University, sent their teams.

From January 11 to February 5, the modeling team of WKU underwent more than 30 arduous training days under the guidance of Dr. Lee, a Mathematics professor with an Oxford-PhD degree. Although he is experienced in supervising competition, he didn’t expect “the first time” to be such a great success, especially when students were on such a tight schedule to complete this formidable task. “Even for those top universities, it takes years to get one Meritorious Winner, but we made it even with other superior awards. It is unbelievable to reach such a goal with a new rather small university with only 15 teams participating.”

Qiu Yang, one of the students nominated for the Finalist Award. He said, “It was such a surprise for all of our members to win the best award. I would like to thank Dr. Lee and Dr. Gaurav Gupta, who spared no effort to guide me throughout the process, as well as my teammates who displayed a good sense of a spirit of cooperation. “He pinned the hope that WKU will continue to march towards the contest at such a level to showcase the brand of WKU on the global stage.

The winner of this time lists as follows:

Finalist (Faculty Advisor Dr. Gaurav Gupta)

Yining Lu

Yang Qiu

Yanting Lv

Meritorious (Faculty Advisor Dr. Chun-Te Lee)

Zian Jin

Leyan Chen

Gengchen Tian

Honorable Mention (Faculty Advisor Dr. Chun-Te Lee)

Yuanjie Zhang

Zhiqian Zheng

Zeyang Hu

Honorable Mention (Faculty Advisor Dr. Chun-Te Lee)

Jiayu Chen

Jingxi Qiu

Ziyi Guo

Writer:Alisa LAI,Yilin ZHONG