WKU psychology major initiated internship program with Wenzhou Yingcai School

On the morning of March 1st, the opening ceremony of Wenzhou-Kean University internship program was successfully held in Wenzhou Yingcai School. This internship base program is a collaboration between Wenzhou-Kean University (WKU) and Wenzhou Yingcai School(WYS), aiming to provide a platform for professional practice for WKU psychology students.

Chen Daofen, the leadership of Wenzhou Yingcai School, offered some opening words and expressed a warm welcome to Amrita Kaur,a psychology professor of WKU, Evangeline, correspondent of CLA, and fourteen interns from the WKU psychology program. At the ceremony, Chen started by tracing the original connection between WKU and WYS. According to her, the geographical proximity contributed to the bond between the two schools and allowed the internship base project to come to fruition. She noted that WYS has a rich background in providing an internship platform for students. It is believed that WKU psychology students would be supported with better resources with their previous experience. She also humorously expressed her wish to build a climbing trail on the hill between the two schools to make communication more convenient.

Prof. Amrita Kaur from the Department of Psychology then expressed her gratitude to the leadership and the faculty members of WYS for providing this excellent internship platform to WKU students. She began by introducing the core psychology courses that the WKU participating students in this internship had already taken during their undergraduate studies, including Developmental Psychology, Behavioral Analysis, Theories of Motivation. Prof. Kaur said those courses would help the students in acquiring practical knowledge. She was confident that the students would accomplish the internship task successfully. Meanwhile, she pointed out the collaboration between the university and K-12 schools would help the development of neighborhoods, communities, and even the nation. It is hoped that students can apply their theoretical knowledge in psychology to the real-life situation and learn to solve the difficulties and challenges associated with teaching practice.

Xu Xiaogen, a sophomore teacher representing all WYS faculty members, expressed her expectation for the WKU psychology students to join in WYS. She firmly believed that the energetic and vigorous college students would definitely inject vitality into the campus. According to her, WYS students would have more people to talk with and share their thoughts when they encounter problems in study or life. Meanwhile, the interns from WKU can also share their experience in the study with students who are in different phases of education.

Li Heqing, the student representative from WKU, is a senior pursuing psychology major. Li showed her appreciation to the leadership and the faculty members from Yingcai School. She also expressed her determination that WKU students would complete this internship project with responsibility and consideration.

Eventually, fourteen psychology major students connected with their corresponding leading teachers from Yingcai school and took a tour of school campus which marked the end of the internship project opening ceremony.


Author: Wang Zhibang
Translation: Shang Haoyu
Photographer: Wang Zhibang
Editing:Xiang Bingling