WKU’s four science &research institutions officially unveiled

To promote the University’s development, expedite the combination of study and research, an opening ceremony was held ceremoniously for four institutions(WKU China-U.S. Cultural Exchange Research Center, WKU Brand Research Institution, WKU Interactive learning Immersive Virtual Reality Institute, WKU Institution of Social& Contemporary Computing) in CBPM at Nov.19 afternoon. School leaders and other representatives were present at this ceremony.

In the beginning, the directorof Office of Research and Sponsored Program Jin Chun  gave brief introduction of the University’s research progress.She holds the belief that the four institutions will promote the University’s further.



The principal of WKU Interactive learning Immersive Virtual Reality Institute Dr. Youxin Chen pointed out this apartment aimed to explore the potential of AR, VR. He sent a warm welcome to all students and faculty to join in this voyage of discovery.



Dr. Sujatha Krishamoorthy, the minister of WKU Institution of Social& Contemporary Computing indicated that the institution  would encourage teachers and students to conduct interdisciplinary research.



Dean of CBMP, Dr. Cao Jiang believed that the consolidation between school resources and the Wenzhou brand would speed up Wenzhou’s’ development.



Acting Vice Chancellor for Academic, Dr. Eric Yang reviewed the University’s advancement and inspired teachers and students.



At the end of the ceremony,  Dr. Eric Yang, Vice Chancellor YAN Xiaopeng,  Dr. Cao Jiang, Dr. Sujatha Krishamoorthy, Dr. Chen Youxin unveiled together for the four institutions.


Writer:Junkai Hu

Proofreader:Yoki Chen