The First Cohort of 27 Graduates Arrive at WKU Campus

On September 5, Wenzhou-Kean University launched the inaugural cohort of 27 students of the Master’s and Doctoral programs. This significant moment underscored the rapid progress of the University and represented a milestone in its development.

This is the first year that the University saw a cohort of graduate students, aging from 22 to 44 years old, enrolled in the three programs. The cohort includes 11 doctorate students in Educational leadership (Ed.D.), 12 students in Instruction and Curriculum (M.A.) and 4 in Biotechnology science (M.S.). WKU provides substantial scholarships to 80 percent of the incoming graduate students.

On the spot, graduates were warmly greeted by staff and welcomed with exclusive packages containing canvas bags with WKU logo, T-shirts, notebooks, etc.

Ms. Ye Junjun, one of the new students of Ed.D. program in Educational Leadership, serves as the Associate Dean of the School of Design, Zhejiang Vocational and Technical College of Industry and Trade. Although she has already established herself as an associate professor and senior administrator herself, she cherished the opportunity to further study in WKU. “Learning is a lifelong pursuit,” she stressed, “The doctorate program of Educational Leadership of Kean University takes lead in the United States. The chance to acquire such great international educational experience in WKU benefits educators like me in many ways.”

WKU graduate program uses English as the medium of instruction, and adopts the curriculum and training programs of the counterpart program of Kean University in the US. Graduates will be awarded Master’s and Doctorate degrees from Kean University in the US, which can be accredited by the Ministry of Education of China.

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Wenzhou-Kean University

Wenzhou-Kean University is a Chinese-American jointly established higher education institution with independent legal person status.

In June 2018, the Chinese Ministry of Education and Zhejiang Province listed WKU as one of the exemplary China-foreign cooperative universities, supporting it to become “an internationalized and world-class university”. In November 2019, WKU was approved to offer Master’s and Doctorate degrees (Ph.D., Ed.D. and Psy.D.).

Wenzhou-Kean University is dedicated to the mission of “providing students with different ways of development”. Being best suited to the national condition of China and serving the regional economic and cultural development, the University strives for excellence in growing to become an internationally reputable university providing world-class education.

Writer: LAI Qiuhong(Alisa LAI), QIN Jiaqi