Wonderful Food Night activity was held by French club on Nov. 21.

Wonderful Food Night activity was held by French club on Nov. 21. In this activity, our French club prepared many delicious French food for students and invited foreign professors and exchange students to share their food traditions with students. In a happy atmosphere, students have experienced the fun of the food culture of different countries.

Professor Celine Doucet (French lecturer): Professor Celine from France shared the eating habits of the French people with us. In her presentation, we learned that the French rarely eat snacks. They seldom eat cheese and baguettes every day, but both of them are two of the most common food on the French table. Besides, wine for the French is essential as well.

Professor Joaquin Lopez (Spanish Lecturer) Professor Joaquin from Spain shared the special food of Spain and the eating habit of Spanish people with us. Spanish daily food is usually made with pasta. They enjoy drinking yogurt at breakfast. Besides, they also like to drink coffee after meals. Like France, wine has an important place on the Spanish table However, different from French, beer and brandy are also popular in Spain.

Professor Fathi Ouerda(Tunisia Lecturer: Professor Fathi from Tunisia also shared the delicious food from his hometown and the food he made by himself with us. All he shared aroused students’ fantastic imagination of Tunisia. Professor Fathi also showed us his living experiences in different countries. The students listened to him with great interests.

In addition, our club invited Professor Raquel Stuart and Roberto from Ecuador, Kaira from Peru, Maria from the Dominican Republic, and Natalia from Uruguay as exchange student representatives. The exchange students showed us the special cuisine of their native countries.

During the activity, we also held two lottery activities and one knowledge contest. Students actively participated in it and the atmosphere was very warm and solemn at that time.