Honorable Day, Honored You

Today is the 35th Teacher’s Day. To celebrate this honorable day, in the morning, WKU held a Teacher’s Day Tea Reception, at which winners of the President’s Excellence Award and the Advanced Education Award of the 2018-2019 school year were commended. The reception was hosted by Dr. Yang Yixin, Acting Academic Vice President of WKU.

As a Chinese-foreign joint university, WKU’s faculties come from 31 countries and regions around the world. There are now 115 teachers and 233 Chinese employees. The team is growing continuously in the new semester. It was the first time for WKU to select excellent faculties from the entire school. The purpose was to recognize advanced deeds and set examples for everyone.

At the Tea Reception, Dr. Zheng Xiaodong, Vice President, announced the list of commendations. The winners of the President’s Excellence Awards were Dr. Xu Shuli, Vice President of Student Affairs, Dr. Cao Jiang, Dean of the College of Business and Public Management, and Dr. Aloysius Wong, Assistant Professor of the College of Science and Technology.

While accepting the award, Vice-President Xu Shuli mentioned that WKU was a Chinese-foreign joint university. He said, “Every faculty member is a pioneer and shoulders the role of a leader, which requires our faculties to be creative and innovative. I will regard this award as an incentive, continue to work hard and make some achievements.”

Dr. Cao Jiang said that teachers in the school was no different from the gardeners in the garden, we should pay more attention to the details. As a new institution, WKU would encounter different problems in the process of growing. The improvement of the school’s mechanism required the joint efforts of school management, faculties and students.

As the only foreign teacher who won the President’s Excellence Award, Dr. Aloysius Wong mentioned that it was his fourth year at WKU. “The teaching and research work can’t be separated from the support and attention of various departments. In the process of education and teaching, students get knowledge, I also learned a lot from young students. ”

In addition, 14 faculty members received the Advanced Education Award. Award winners Vincent Peu Duvallon, Brown Larry Clifford, Raquel Stuart and Garry Gary spoke separately and shared their education philosophy and experience.

Wang Beijiao, Secretary of the Party Committee and chairman of the school, said that since WKU was founded eight years ago, China and the United States had cooperated to make great achievements in higher education filed. These achievements were inseparable from the hard work of every faculty. He was particularly grateful to the winners for their contributions to student development and school development in different areas.

He stressed that the next five years would be a crucial period for WKU to expand enrollment scale, increase construction investment, open graduate programs, and vigorously carry out scientific research activities. We need to work hard together and move forward. Finally, he hoped that all faculties should work together to effectively promote teaching and scientific research; improve the management system and improve work efficiency; implement “full-scale education strategy” and “talents developing strategy”.

Zhou Dong, member of the Party Committee of the school, secretary of the Disciplinary Committee, Ying Yonghong, director of the National Situation Center, and Xia Caiguo, director of the Human Resources Department, attended the Tea Reception.
In the end, wish WKU faculties a happy Teacher’s Day!

The list of awards is as follows:

Outstanding Contribution Award
President’s Excellence Award
Name Department/College Position
Xu Shuli School Management Vice President of Student Affairs
Cao Jiang College of Business and Public Management Dean
College of Science and Technology Assistant Professor
Advanced Education Award
Name Department/College Position
Zhang Changjiang College of Science and Technology Assistant Professor
Vincent PeuDuvallon College of Architecture and Design Assistant Professor
Candy Lim
College of Business and Public Management Assistant Professor
Garry Gray College of Liberal Arts Lecture
Name Department/College Position
Randy Clark College of Architecture and Design Assistant Professor
Name Department/College Position
Su Li Human Resources Department Senior Executive
Teng Lin Student Affairs Department Administration Assistant
Jin Yingying The School Office Legal Specialist
Zhang Qi Party Committee Office Senior Executive
Wang Renfeng School Construction Office Executive
Name Department/College Position
Peng Hongmei Zheda Xinyu Property Company Supervisor of Dormitory
Wang Biqiu Zheda Xinyu Property Company Maintainer
Shi Jiaofeng Security Company Security Captain
Wang Minglin Security Company Security Member

Translator Chen Yue