“Ni He!” WKUers volunteered to join Hongri Pavilion’s mooncake distribution activity

“Linglingling~~”At 6:00am on September 10,
The alarm bell on Peter Foley’s bedside rang.
He quickly got up, washed and got changed.
Not as usual,
Starting out from home,
He came to Wenzhou’s charity organization ——Hongri Pavilion on Huancheng Road instead of WKU.

How is the activity going? Let’s take a look!

On Teacher’s Day, two foreign teachers of WKU—— Peter Foley from Australia and Raquel Stuart from the United States, with more than a dozen college students, volunteered to distribute mooncakes to Wenzhou citizens. They were willing to feel the Wenzhou culture and to learn the dedication of Wenzhounese represented by Hongri Pavilion’s volunteers.

At 7:30am, teachers and students arrived at Hongri Pavilion on time. They brought 260 mooncakes and join the breakfast delivery activities. Some students sent moon cakes, others placed bowls, and foreign teachers Peter Foley and Raquel Stuart handed bowls of steaming noodles to the citizens.

“Nihe!” “Nihe!” (Wenzhou dialect, meaning “Hello”) Every time the two foreign teachers handed a bowl of noodles, they wouldn’t forget to say hello to citizens. Their enthusiasm quickly infected the citizens. “Hello!” was responded by “Thank you!” The elderly happily expressed their gratitude by nodding head or waving hands.

“Nihe!” Peter Foley, the English teacher of WKU, greeted everyone with Wenzhou dialect. The citizens said that the he was sooooo cute!

Raquel Stuart, deputy Dean of the School of Humanities of WKU, handed the hot breakfast to the elderly.

A volunteer named Sun Lanxiang introduced the history of Hongri Pavilion and the charity spirit of Wenzhounese to teachers and students: Hongri Pavilion has a history of more than 40 years, and it is now the third generation of volunteers who dedicated themselves to charity activities. The oldest volunteers here are in their 80s, and the youngest is nearly 60. Nowadays, there are countless folk charities such as Hongri Pavilion, which have long histories and develop well.

Today is a birthday of a grandson and a grandpa,
They saved the money of the original birthday party.
Using the money to invite citizens to enjoy bowls of egg noodles.
And there are about 100 special birthday party like this in Hongri Pavilion every year.

△With Sun Lanxiang, WKU students added fried eggs to noodles.

△ With a fried egg, a small amount of pickles, and a little vegetables added to noodles——Wenzhou people’s favorite longevity noodles was done.

“Wenzhou is great! Wenzhounese are so nice!” Raquel Stuart has been in Wenzhou for four years. She liked this city since the first time she came here. Through today’s charity event, Raquel Stuart said that she had another understanding of Wenzhou. She was deeply touched by volunteers who were dedicated to the charity activities in Hongri Pavilion, and was moved by the Wenzhou people who are so caring.

It was the first time for Elijah Sherin, a 19-year-old American college student to participate in such a public welfare activity. He felt very novel and was surprised. “After the activity, I will post what I see and what I feel today on Facebook to convey the dedicated spirit of Wenzhouese.”

After breakfast, teachers and students of WKU sat down and ate egg noodles.

△ A group photo of Youth Association of WKU, exchange students from Kean University, USA, teachers and Hongri Pavilion volunteers in front of the pavilion.