Wenzhou-Kean University Students Visited Companies in Wenzhou As Business Consultants – A Project of IAIC

Each semester a group of students at Wenzhou-Kean University School of Business will visit industrial companies (multinational companies and small-medium size enterprises) in Wenzhou to put their classroom instruction to work as business consultants by writing case studies for Wenzhou companies.

Students Industrial Research Visit (SIRV) program is part of the Institute of Asia Industry Competitiveness program for business students which aim to promote College of Business and Public Management (CBPM) of Wenzhou-Kean University Research activities.

The mission of our program is to connect business students at multiple Asian companies through a case study project that will allow them to have a professional exposure and deeper insight into the real business world.

From February 26 to March 16, 2019, a group of Junior and Senior students of the College of Business and Public Management visited five companies in Wenzhou, China namely:

  • Zhejiang Semir Garment Co., Ltd. (森马服饰)
  • Wenzhou Daziran Shoes Co., Ltd. (大自然鞋业)
  • Wenzhou Weltmeister Motor Co., Ltd. (威马汽车)
  • Wenzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone (浙南产业集聚区)
  • Wenzhou Changjiang Automobile Electronic System Co., Ltd. (长江汽车电子)
  • Xinji Electrical Apparatus Co. Ltd. (兴机电器有限公司)

During their industrial company trip, students have the opportunity to experience and connect with CEOs, managers, and company employees. SIRV operates less like an undergraduate level class and more like a live consulting engagement at the graduate level. CBPM students will spend the semester completing coursework such as case study. We hope that CBPM students will be able to help companies in China to continue to grow by giving them the tools and expertise they need to be successful.

SIRV program gives our students another unique business and cultural experience that will provide them with an enterprise perspective and aid them in their future professional careers.

SIRV program was organized by Dr. Candy Lim Chiu and Dr. Han-Chiang Ho of IAIC in coordination with Ms. Chun Jin and Jiajun Bao of Office of Research and Sponsored Programs and Dr. Han-Chiang Ho of Wenzhou-Industrial Economic Research Base.

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