International Conference on Harmonic Analysis and Its Applications | Celebrating Chancellor Lu’s 80th birthday

During June 16 to 18, the 2018 International Conference on Harmonic Analysis and Its Applications was held at Yanqihu Campus of the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences in Beijing. As the largest international event of the discipline of harmonic analysis and its applications in China, 320 scholars and doctoral students from the United States, Germany, Japan, South Korea, and other countries and regions were invited to attend the conference. Professor Lu Shanzhen, the leading authority of this field in China and the Chancellor of Wenzhou-Kean University are turning eighty in 2018.  At this conference, the participating scholars celebrated Chancellor Lu’s 80th birthday together.

陆校长Group photo of the conference

On the first day of the conference, the first presenter of the conference, the famous mathematician D. Muller from Germany, took ten minutes to introduce Professor Lu’s academic and educational achievements. Mueller said that Professor Lu had established a school with significant international influence in the discipline of harmonic analysis, and had made remarkable scientific research contributions with students and collaborators in various fields of harmonic analysis. Professor Lu has cultivated 29 Ph.D. students, all standing out in the relevant research fields both at home and abroad; and some of them have become leading figures in their fields.

陆校长1D. Müller, famous mathematician from Germany

The conference was jointly organized by Beijing Normal University and the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences and supported by Fudan University, Nankai University, and 10 other well-known universities in China. A number of scholars from Peking University, Cornell University, and other prestigious institutions made their presentations on the conference.

2018毕业典礼20Professor Lu at Wenzhou-Kean University Commencement 2018

Professor Lu was appointed as the Chancellor of Wenzhou-Kean University in 2012 and he previously served as the President of Beijing Normal University. His researches focus on harmonic analysis and the function approximation theory. Professor Lu has published more than 200 papers on mathematics journals home and abroad (including cooperation project) and 7 books (including cooperation project).  As the founder of harmonic analysis research groups in Beijing Normal University, Professor Lu has made outstanding contributions to the cultivation of talents and the development of the field of harmonic analysis in China in nearly 30 years.

Written by Junxin Jin
Edited by Shu Wang