【Wenzhou Metropolis News】 Zhejiang Yiming Food Co., Ltd. holds its 25th anniversary celebration and establishes Yiming Charitable Foundation

Wenzhou Metropolis News

Yiming had its 25th birthday. In the celebration of Zhejiang Yiming Food Co., Ltd. yesterday, Yiming Charity Foundation was proclaimed to be founded, and at the same time, Wenzhou New Agricultural Integration Development Research Institute and Yiming Business College were founded.

In the celebration yesterday, Yiming Company donated an education fund of RMB 5,000,000.00 Yuan to support the development of the education of Wenzhou-Kean University.

Wenzhou New Agricultural Integration Development Research Institute was authorized to be established by Wenzhou Municipal Government. It is co-located with Yiming New Agricultural Integration Development Technology Research Institute previously founded by Yiming Company who makes contributions to research funds of the newly-founded Wenzhou New Agricultural Integration Development Research Institute. At present, Yiming Company has contributed RMB 1,000,000.00 Yuan to the researches of high production and efficiency of the primary, secondary and tertiary industries, the analysis of industrial investigation and research, and the extension of the industrial chain.

Yiming Company founded in 1992 is a national key leading enterprise of agricultural industrialization integrating dairy cow farming with the production, possessing, and sales of dairy products and baked goods. Since its founding 25 years ago, the company has been holding fast to the industry, taking root in agriculture, and serving for farmers. By centering on restructuring and extending the agriculture industrial chain, the company has been actively exploring the development pattern of “integration of the primary industry with the secondary and tertiary industries”, being the first to start the chain operation of “Inm Milk Bar”. At present, “Inm Milk Bar” has increased to more than 1,200 stores in Jiangsu Province, Zhejiang Province, Shanghai City, and Fujian Province, providing employment opportunities for more than 8,200 people and enriching over 6,000 farming families. Over the past three years, relying on scientific and technological advances, Yiming Company has made an all-out effort to put into practice the development concept of “traditional agriculture+Internet” and vigorously implemented strategies of “replacing manpower with robots” and “increasing efficiency with intensified management” to consistently promote the building of “an intelligent Yiming”, thus successfully building its core ranches and greatly promoting its corporate transformation.

Yiming Company has devoted itself to the charity for long. In 2011, together with Pingyang Charity Federation, it established Yiming Milk Charitable Fund with a scale of RMB 5,000,000.00 Yuan. Yiming Company also conducted a wide range of charitable activities in supporting education, helping the elderly, and aiding the needy, and it has made a donation totaling RMB 1,081,000.00 Yuan for the past years.


Liu Cailing, correspondent from Wenzhou Metropolis News