The New WKU Library Website & DISCOVER Search

We are pleased to announce that Wenzhou-Kean University Library is launching a new library website and a new search engine DISCOVER.

Sometimes you don’t know where to start your research.  You know your instructor has already said Google is not a starting place for a college student.  So where do you turn to find research sources, books and articles about something you know nothing about? – The Library home page has a search box labelled “DISCOVER”






A Discover search will look in all the WKU Library’s digital subscriptions at the same time and suggest a few with the highest relevancy to your search terms.  Then you can refine the results to a content type , such as journal article or eBook, range of dates, or a specific discipline.  Every time you search you have a temporary folder to remember what you discover.   The Discover system will also suggest related topics, and you may find a better English term for your subject.  The Discover search does not replace looking in the online catalog or using a particular Kean or WKU database.  But it solves the problem of where to start and make sure you find something.

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