Zhou Xinhe: Challenge yourself and move forward

Zhou Xinhe

Admitted by the Teachers College of Columbia University (Ranked 7th in US News for Graduate Education)

“The starting point is not very important, the most important is to seize every opportunity and become a person striving to move forward.” Zhou Xinhe said she was an introverted person, but the Wenzhou-Kean University life provided various opportunities to temper and improve her.

In her freshman year, Zhou Xinhe went to Macao with her teacher to attend a seminar. She gradually realized that academic research could not only significantly improve her English ability, but also help her to understand the latest developments in the field of learning and actively think and practice different academic concepts. In her four academic years, Zhou Xinhe actively participated in a lot of teacher-organized or spontaneous subject research. The most unforgettable research project was about autism. She interacted with children in a small activity room, then tested computer programs and mobile applications designed for autistic children. After coming back, she compiled Sparks of Fire, a children science handbook about autistic children, as the chief editor. In the final exhibition, Sparks of Fire was presented to parents as gifts visiting the exhibition, providing a profound sense of accomplishment.

As an English Department student, in addition to different literary writing classes, Zhou Xinhe also got the chance to participate in various cultural activities, including editing and publishing the literary magazines of Wenzhou-Kean University – the Lying Cotton Review and Red Omnivore, experiencing publishing life as an editor of fiction and literary non-fiction. She talked with several English and American authors via Skype and translated the poets of Ouyang Jianghe. The various activities immersed her life in reading, writing and communication.

In her junior year, just as many colleagues around her, Zhou Xinhe began to prepare applications for graduate programs. With a love for humanities, she initiated the idea to develop a career path towards education and creative writing.

Looking back at her four years in Wenzhou-Kean University, Zhou Xinhe said she had important things and clear goals in every period, and every steady step brought progress. The gains acquired in Wenzhou-Kean University will make her future road more steady and solid.