Li Jing: There is not just A in life

Li Jing

Admitted by Chinese University of Hong Kong

Same as many of her classmates, Li Jing in her freshman year also faced the first and maybe the biggest difficulty in Wenzhou-Kean University – English.

“At the beginning of the freshman year, I couldn’t even understand ‘sit down’ spoken by my foreign teacher. It was really frustrating.” Being unable to understand basic English dialogue, how could she deal with professional courses?

With an indomitable spirit, Li Jing was determined to catch up. In the second semester of freshman year, she almost spent every minute in study, except for sleeping. It was just like the old saying “busy oneself in books and ignore what is going on beyond one’s immediate surroundings”. At the end of the second semester, she overcame the language barrier with straight A’s , earning the WKU first-class scholarship. After that, she received the first-class scholarship for two years and the second-class scholarship for one year. All these scholarships became her “travel fund” later.

The rich WKU campus life also stimulated her to reveal her potential outside of learning. In her sophomore year, encouraged by Zheng Dawei, a senior student and student ambassador, Li Jing participated in the organization of a Color Run charity activity in Wenzhou city. The team was composed of just four to five people, but they needed to organize 1000 participants. Li Jing was responsible for sponsorship, purchase and other financial issues. For the first time, she contacted and negotiated with sponsors and thought about how to meet the participation target; for the first time, she was responsible for the preparation and distribution of more than 1000 running suits; for the first time, she communicated with other colleges and universities to expand the participation. All these “first times” contributed to the first successful Color Run charity activity in Wenzhou, and the team eventually raised charity funds of more than 10,000 Yuan.

When Li Jing was a freshman, she was not clear about her future. However, after the internship in sophomore and junior years, her career planning became clearer and clearer and she knew what she wanted to do in the future. She planned to work in a bank in her hometown – Shaoxing– but after the internship, she decided it was not suitable for her. However, during the internship in a futures market company in junior year, she became highly interested and determined to develop herself in this direction.

Presently, Li Jing received an acceptance offer from Chinese University of Hong Kong, just as she wished.

Li Jing said: “there is not just “A” in university life. You must dare to try, find your life direction and goal, and eventually know what you want to do in the future, which is a life of “A+”.