Li Yue: My “Gold Rush” journey in Wenzhou-Kean University

Li Yue

Admitted by Southern Methodist University(SMU)

For Li Yue, the college life is a “gold rush” journey. “I have learnt how to ‘wash gold’ and identify ‘gold sand’, and my value doubled due to the ‘gold’ I’ve got during this period.” This is Li Yue’s self-evaluation for her life in Wenzhou-Kean University.

Having studied so hard in high school, Li Yue planned to “relax herself” in Wenzhou-Kean University (WKU). However, she was attracted by the “international volunteer” opportunity on campus. Using her non-proficient English to carry out human relief activities in a strange country, she experienced the most interesting journey in her life. “You must jump out of your comfort zone to see your potential.”

The journey of “gold rush” is never a calm sailing. As a sophomore, Li Yue established the first online course learning community of Wenzhou-Kean University – the student MOOC Club. When she found there was no relevant self-learning academic community in the university, she decided to establish one by herself. The establishment was easy, but shortly after that, one-third of the members wanted to quit. Although the concept of self-learning is good, it depended on the self-motivation of members. Only a few could complete a course, most of them gave up halfway. How can she encourage the self-motivation of members? Li Yue held an emergency meeting, raising a new concept: “avoiding laziness by mutual supervision”. She encouraged the club members to learn together and attract each other, insisting with a reward mechanism, which successfully helped them to grow into an organization of more than 40 members. Li Yue signed up for a crafting course and generated her idea to modify a chip box. Eventually, she obtained a national utility model patent.

The souvenir shop is another challenge during Li Yue’s “gold rush” journey. In 2015, she participated in the WKU business plan competition in the university and won the right to operate and manage the souvenir shop for a semester. From getting familiar with inventory management, daily management, to launching a variety of creative activities, Li Yue learned a lot and gradually grew up from a young student to a competent “all-arounder”.

“Wenzhou-Kean University sent me onto a new platform, where I can pursue a better future. I will take the story on campus to a better future.” Li Yue said.