Two research programs which are led by Wenzhou-Kean University are sponsored by Wenzhou Municipal Science and Technology Bureau

Wenzhou Municipal Science and Technology Bureau released the official announcement on the annual science and technology plan a few days ago. Two faculties from WKU obtained the sponsorship. Wen-Rui Tang River Revitalization Assessment Project – Trophic System Modeling hosted by Dr. Toby Michelena received 150,000 by from the 2016 Water Pollution Control and Treatment Program; The Design of a Personalized and Configurable Intelligent Tutoring System for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder using Eye Tracking based Behavioral Data for User Modeling hosted by Dr. Tiffany Tang received 50,000 from the Non-profit Science and Technology Program. These are two more successful examples of WKU faculty obtaining government funds since Dr. Mengyu’s first received support from Zhejiang Provincial Natural Science Foundation of China.

In recent years WKU has been both focusing on strengthening academic affairs management and promoting faculty and students to engage in research and innovation activities for social benefits and economic development. Starting in 2015 WKU organized SPF (Student partnering with Faculty) research program annually. Every accepted program is awarded internal grant with the amount ranging from 10,000 to 30,000. Furthermore, every year our university organizes Student Research Day, Global Lecture Series and research seminars to inspire the faculty and students’ research. Many achievements have been made through these programs and activities. For example, Dr. Tiffany Tang’s research program, sponsored by Wenzhou government is also included in the 1st SPF. Dr. Tiffany Tang and Dr. Pinata Winoto along with their students were invited many times to attend international conferences to present their research achievements on Computer System for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder with 7 academic papers published. A team of two freshmen supervised by Dr. Pinata Winoto won the third prize in the annual Microsoft Imagine Cup 2016(World Citizenship Category) in China.