Philip Connelly Assumes WKU Executive Vice Chancellor

On September 1st, Wenzhou-Kean University staff met to officially announce the appointment of Mr. Philip Connelly, Executive Vice President of Operations at Kean University, to serve as Executive Vice Chancellor of WKU.


Mr. Connelly was intimately involved in the official establishment of WKU and has witnessed the campus evolve from scratch. His dedication to the university has been widely recognized. His appointment was nominated by Kean University President Dawood Farahi and approved by the Wenzhou-Kean University Board of Directors at their May 30, 2016 meeting.


“To serve in this position is a great honor for me, and I take a great deal of pride in having this opportunity,” Mr. Connelly said in his speech, “It is the culmination of many years of my personal dedication to help build a relationship between China and the United States, Zhejiang Province and the State of New Jersey and Wenzhou and Kean Universities.”



Mr. Connelly also shared his management concept at the meeting. “My philosophical approach to management is that we need to work as a team. We will all have our duties and responsibilities clearly defined and we will all be held accountable for achieving the goals that are set for us. Wenzhou-Kean University will become a student-centered institution. We must never forget that the students are the reason why we are all here, and we must put their concerns first,” he said.


Mr. Connelly also emphasized the importance of the WKU 2015-2020 Strategic Plan, “It is the cornerstone for future planning for this institution. It sets the road map for where we will go.” The eight goals, objectives, and actions are: (1) to position Wenzhou Kean University as a world class institution through the offering of academic programs; (2) to recruit and attract qualified students to WKU and create a student-centered campus; (3) to attract, employ, and retain world class faculty; (4) to create a culture of research enabling students  and faculty to create innovative research; (5) To administer a higher education institution with qualified personnel capable of executing data driven solutions; (6) to continue the development of the institution’s physical infrastructure; (7) to provide extension programs and technical support for the Wenzhou community and targeted municipalities within Zhejiang Province; and (8) to diversify Wenzhou Kean University’s sources of income to ensure sustainable development.


Mr. Frank Wang, Chairman of WKU Board of Directors, commented: “The University is growing fast. This year, we add 40 new faculty members. And four colleges are taking shape. Also, the WKU staff team is getting stronger, as we have Ken (Wolpin) and Paul (Huang) coming on board with us. With Mr. Connelly joining the leadership team, his experience and expertise will be an asset to WKU and he will surely help us to move forward toward a world-class university!”



Attached: Biography of Philip Connelly


Mr. Philip Connelly joined Kean University in 2002 as the Vice President of Administration and Finance, and has now become the Executive Vice President of Operations. He has his bachelor’s degree in accounting from Rutgers University and a master’s degree in finance from Fordham University. Mr. Connelly’s prior experience a business administrator was responsible for the day to day municipal government operations for the large New Jersey cities of Bayonne and Elizabeth.


As the Executive Vice President for Operations, he serves as the University’s chief financial officer, its chief labor negotiator and head of the Division of Administration and Finance.


The Executive Vice President for Operations oversees all campus computer and information systems, as well as Admissions, the Registrar’s Office, Financial Aid, and Student Accounting.


Additionally, the Executive Vice President for Operations oversees the University’s Division III Athletics programs, along with all student athletic programs and the facilities that support such programs.