2015 Wenzhou-Kean University Exchange Students Farewell Party

June is a time of farewell. The first batch of exchange students has just successfully finished their spring term in Wenzhou-Kean University and they will go back to the United States soon. On June 15, 2015, Student Affairs and Student Government hosted a farewell party for the exchange students. Student Affairs Staff and representatives of Student Government also took part in the party.

The party was very relaxing and full of pleasure. Every exchange student talked about their wonderful time in Wenzhou campus, sharing the unforgettable experience inside and outside class with their Chinese classmates in this semester. From strangers to friends, profound friendship has been established in everyone’s heart. The exchange students said that they really felt the kindness of Chinese people during their stay in China and they were looking forward to visit China again and study in Wenzhou-Kean.

Although the party is over, the friendship will last forever.