【Zhejiang News】CPA Australia Gives WKU Accounting Students Green Light for Exemption

WKU recently received a formal letter from CPA Australia: students from the Bachelor of Science in Accounting at Wenzhou-Kean University will now enjoy an exemption from all six qualification exams administered by CPA Australia’s foundation, allowing them immediate admission to CPA Australia upon graduation, as Associate Members, and then commencing their advancement to full CPA Australia membership. Y3 and Y4 students from the Bachelor of Science in Accounting at Wenzhou-Kean University can also optionally sit in the CPA Australia professional level exam as non-members (start the CPA Program before graduation). With systematic review of WKU’s Accounting program, CPA Australia offers this special admission policy in recognition of the excellence of the academic curriculum structure and assessment of the WKU program, which strictly follows Kean University USA’s accreditation. CPA Australia remains closely engaged with academics and universities in China. So far, it accredits 30 top universities in China.

20151103101902868Founded in 1886, CPA Australia is one the world’s largest professional accounting bodies representing more than 150,000 members in 120 countries. CPA Australia advances its members’ interests through its focus on education and knowledge exchange, the development of professional networks, advocacy in relation to policy, standards and regulation and the promotion of values of CPA Australia members to employers, government, regulators and the public. CPA Australia will regularly invite senior members and industry leaders to share their career experiences and insights with WKU students. Most importantly, WKU students will be fully engaged with Accounting Specialty Job Fairs globally conducted by CPA Australia.