Mr. FANG delivered a lecture about Chinese Traditional Calligraphy

On the evening of December 8, 2015,the famous Chinese Painter and Calligrapher Mr. FANG Jiong visited Wenzhou-Kean University and delivered a lecture on the subject of “Chinese Traditional Calligraphy” in the Art studio to students majored in Visual Design. Frank Wang, the secretary of University CPC, and manystaff from Design departmentalsoattended the lecture.

The lecture covered a wide range of topics, including the development of Chinese calligraphy, the different styles of Chinese calligraphy, the evolution of Chinese characters, etc. By presenting numerous pictures along with vivid and humorous explanation, Mr. FANG shared his own works and creative experience with the audience. Following the lecture, Mr. FANG provided calligraphy guidance to students hand by hand.

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Mr. FANG introduced both ancient Chinese calligraphy works and his own works to show the unique charm of calligraphy. At the beginning,Mr. FANG explained the “Five fonts”, and showed audience some famous calligraphy works, such as Wang Xi zhi’s script—“Lan Tingxu”, and Yan Zhenqing’s script—“Ji Zhigao”.Mr. FANG combined art with calligraphy to explain these works,in a way that everybody can understand easily. And then, Mr. FANG showed the Chinese characters’ enchantment with developmental history of some simple Chinese characters, such as “氵”, “羊”, ”人”, and “日”. Mr. FANG’s lecture was digestible and professional. His profession and modesty impressed all the teachers and students.

At the end of the lecture, Professor M.J and some students consulted many questions related to calligraphy.Mr. FANG answered those questions patiently one by one.

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After discussion, Mr. Fang improvised a poem and took a photo with present audience.

The lecture enabled students to appreciate the vast world and the beauty of calligraphy.The audience gave warm applause and heartfelt respect to Mr. Fang for such a fantastic lecture he made.