Additional Library Services Support Online Learning

WKU Library offers online services to all WKUers for online learning and research.


DISCOVER search engine is WKU Library’s discovery service, providing WKUers with one-search-for-everything experience to discover subscribed and open access electronic resources.

Interlibrary Loan Service

If you find some eBook chapters and journal articles are not available in both WKU and KU Libraries, please use Interlibrary Loan Service. WKU Library will try to borrow requested electronic items from other institutions. There are two ways for you to use the service

1): You can click “Request via Interlibrary Loan” on the intermediary result page.

Then, please fill in your WKU/KU contact information to submit the request.

2): WKUers can use Interlibrary Loan Service by filling the request form.

Subject Liaison

In order to better meet the needs of WKUers, WKU Library has launched Subject Liaison Service. If you have any questions about WKU Library resources and services, feel free to contact your subject liaison for further assistance.

Designated College & Department Subject Liaisons
Michael Graves College – Architecture & Design YANG Le
College of Business & Public ManagementCBPM YANG Le
College of Liberal Arts YAN Shilei
College of Science & Technology DONG Shuai
Chinese Curricular CenterCCC CHEN Mengjing
English Language CenterELC HU Linxiao


Policies & Procedures

The Library hopes that you can make the best use of the library resources and services. Please refer to the Policies and Procedures to familiarize yourself with what we offer.