2019/2020 Winter Semester Textbook Selection

Dear Students,


2019/2020 Winter Semester Textbook Selection has started. Please carefully read Notes for textbook ordering below.

  1. 2019/2020 Winter semester textbooks will mainly be in electronic version, the version of textbooks may change based on the actual order numbers or other situations .
  2. Please carefully check the 2019-2020 Winter Semester Textbook List for Selection, then click the link at the bottom to start the selection. The link can only be used once.
    请谨慎浏览 2019/2020学年冬季教材选购清单 ,然后点击底部链接开始选择教材。该链接只能被打开一次。
  3. The deadline of the selection is by 09:00 am November 27th, 2019. The students with no submission will be regarded as giving up the privilege of the textbook ordering.
  4. A link for payment is going to be sent by email on November 27th afternoon, 2019. The deadline for payment is by 22:00 December 1st, 2019. Only by completing the payment, will a successful order be made.
  5. Please be aware of the copyright issue of textbook, and any copyright infringement will be legally liable.

If any questions, please contact us on libtex@wku.edu.cn or +8657755870659 / +8657755870658.
如有相关问题,请联系libtex@wku.edu.cn 或+8657755870659 / +8657755870658。

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