2019 Fall Semester Freshmen Textbook Pick-up Notice 2019

Textbook Pick-up Location

Major Location
Accounting GEH A306/ GEH A308
Global Business
Communication GEH A302 / GEH A304
Mathematical Sciences
Computer Science GEH A307
Architectural Studies GEH B207
Graphic Design
Industrial Design
Interior Design
Faculty desk copy for all majors

Textbook Pick-up Time

August 19th, 2019,Monday – August 23th, 2019,Friday

11:30 – 13:30

Students who miss the textbook pick-up time above please come to GEH A307 at office hour for assistance. If any problems, please contact on 0577-55870659 or libtex@wku.edu.cn.


For more details, please check the textbook lists and prices below. The textbook fees of Graphic Design Major and Interior Design Major are pre-paid fees, students will receive refunds or pay the extra textbook fees based on the actual situation.

2019 Fall Semester Textbook List & Prices