Library Liaison Program Debut

The WKU Faculty size continues to grow in proportion to the establishment of four campus Colleges, additional majors and elective courses, and increasing student enrollment.   The WKU Library vision is to become “the core academic accelerator of learning and research support.” In April 2019, we launched the Library Liaison Program to advance our support for faculty.

Library liaison activities are centered on the assignment of library staff to communicate directly with Colleges and academic Centers and be available as a dedicated library representative. Academic libraries cannot wait for their constituents to appear with questions.  The Library Liaison can meet with academic leaders, provide updated library information, and attend department activities. Liaisons can be enlisted to improve instruction, increase awareness of relevant Library resources, and even improve the discovery of literature that supports grant applications.

The WKU Library Liaison assignments are available on this Library web page.  Note that there is a primary Library Liaison department contact and one or two Associate Liaisons who can also provide dedicated help or respond to inquiries.  We hope every faculty member learns the identity of their Library Liaison as a responsive contact for academic library needs.



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