2019 Spring Semester ARCH Textbook Distribution Notice

Dear Architecture Freshmen

Please bring your valid ID card to pick up your major textbooks at GEH B207. Collecting textbooks by others is not allowed. Payment link will be sent through E-mail after the collection.

No. Course Textbook Price
1 ARCH 1102 Ching, Francis D.K.  Building Construction Illustrated, 5th Ed. \293.27
2 ARCH 1102 Ching, Francis D.K. Building Structures Illustrated: Patterns, Systems, and Design \322.63
3 ARCH 1201 Ching, Francis D K, A Global History of Architecture \733.63
4 ARCH 1201 Frampton Kenneth, Modern Architecture, A Critical History, fourth edition \65.04
5 ARCH 1602 Frampton, Kenneth and Cava, John. Studies in Tectonic Culture: The Poetics of Construction in Nineteenth and Twentieth Century Architecture., 1st Ed. \297.86
6 ARCH 1602 Ford, Edward R., The Architectural Detail, 1st Ed. \183.48
7 ARCH 1602 Harry Francis Mallgrave, Architectural Theory: Volume II – An Anthology from 1871 to 2005 \445.93
Total \2341.84


Textbook pick-up time:

February 13nd & 14nd, 2019

Wednesday & Thursday



Students who miss the textbook pick-up time above please come to GEH A307 at office hour for assistance.


If any questions, please contact

Tel: 0577-55870659

Email: libtex@wku.edu.cn


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