Updates on the deadline of textbook ordering and payment


Dear Students,


Due to the change on the course registration date, the deadline of 2019 Winter & Spring semester textbook ordering changes accordingly. Please check the details below:


  1. The deadline of the selection is 11:00 on December 11th, 2018. The students with no submission will be regarded as giving up the privilege of the textbook ordering.


  1. A link for payment is going to be sent by email in the afternoon of December 11th, 2018. The deadline of payment is by 08:30 on December 13th, 2018. Only by completing the payment, will a successful order be made.


If any questions, please contact us on on libtex@wku.edu.cn or +8657755870659.
如有相关问题,请联系libtex@wku.edu.cn 或+8657755870659。