2019 Spring Semester Textbook Notice

2019 Spring Semester Textbook Selection


Dear students,


2019 Spring Semester Textbook Selection has started. Please carefully read Notes for textbook ordering below.


Notes for textbook ordering


1.2019 Spring semester textbooks will mainly be in electronic version, except some textbooks marked with “Printed Version Only”. The version of textbooks may change based on the actual order numbers or other situations.

2.The usage and its using period of electronic textbooks are determined by policies of publishers, we will try to negotiate with publishers for longer using period.

3.Please carefully check the attachment (2019 Spring Semester Textbook List for Selection), then click the link to start the selection. The link can only be used once.
请谨慎浏览附件(2019学年春季教材选购清单), 然后点击链接开始选择教材。该链接只能被打开一次。

4.The deadline of the selection is by 23:59 on December 9th, 2018. The students with no submission will be regarded as giving up the privilege of the textbook ordering.

5. A link for payment is going to be sent by email on December 10th, 2018. The deadline of payment is by 15:00 December 12th, 2018. Only by completing the payment, will a successful order be made.

6.Please be aware of the copyright issue of textbook, and any copyright infringement will be legally liable.

7.Some textbooks with large order volumes may be applicable for special prices. If the application is successful, there will be refund for students. The final prices will depend on the actual order volume and vendor‘s confirmation.

8.The electronic textbooks from McGraw Hill publishing company has minimum acquisition quantity at 10. If the acquisition number is less than 10, textbook will be printed version only.
出版社McGraw Hill的电子书必须10本起购,若最终采购数量未达到10本,将更换为纸质书。

9.Based on the academic arrangement, all Graphic Design and Architecture freshmen are mandatory to purchase related textbooks in the first year. If students request textbooks beside the course ARCH 1102, ARCH 1201, ARCH 1602, DSN 1100, DSN 1102, please order them through this survey.
根据学院的教学安排,视觉传达和建筑学的大一学生,将统一订购专业课教材。如果学生在ARCH 1102, ARCH 1201, ARCH 1602,DSN 1100, DSN 1102课程之外,需要再选购其它课程的教材,请通过此份征订问卷订购。


If any questions, please contact us on libtex@wku.edu.cn or +8657755870659.
如有相关问题,请联系libtex@wku.edu.cn 或+8657755870659。


Attachment 附件:2019 Spring Semester Textbook List for Selection

Link 链接: http://ku.co1.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_eLtJcGG3JEXi9nL



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