Wenzhou-Kean University College of Business and Public Management
Goes to Waseda University, Japan

IBSS (29)

           Under the supervision of Dr. Candy Lim Chiu and Dr. Han-Chiang Ho, nineteen (19) young scholars of College of Business and Public Management (CBPM) was successfully presented their research papers at the International Conference on Industry, Business and Social Sciences (IBSS) at Waseda University from August 22 to 24, 2018. The conference provides CBPM young scholars from Accounting, Finance, Global Business, and Marketing the opportunities to network with Ph.D. students and professors in different business fields. It is the way to be invited to join collective research projects such as peer-reviewed journals or funding applications.

At an early stage in everyone’s undergraduate process, they already get the experience in presenting in front of senior academic scholars, experts, and business professionals. They were able to receive positive feedback and constructive criticism about their research. The exchange of ideas on fields of interests seeds the links for future research and collaborations. Also, by attending other presentations, students learn from others and improve their skills and knowledge about their chosen field. It will keep them updated on new findings that have taken place in business.

Generating new knowledge through student academic research is part of CPBM-WKU’s mission. Collaboration and hands-on research with business faculties to answer some of the most pressing questions facing global economies, business, and societies. Student participation in research is a great way to customize what they are learning in a specific area and pursue a topic in depth with help from a faculty scholar. Seven (7) research papers were presented during the conference are:

IBSS (14)

(1) Authors: Qiyue Wang, Jianing Zhang, Fusu Zhao

Research work titled: Metrosexual trend in facial care products in China: Analysis of factors that influence young men purchasing intention

(2) Authors: Zaiyu Huang, Mo Sha

Research work titled: Evidence about the Nature of Crowdfunding in China

IBSS (9)

IBSS (12)

(3) Authors: Limei Zhang, Yinan Ye, and Yihan Huang

Research work titled: Influence of Celebrity and Non-Celebrity Endorsement on Social Media Advertisement in the US and China

IBSS (4)

(4) Authors: Yixin Fu, Yanyan Wu, Fuyu Li, and Chang Liu

Research work titled: Mobile money in China: Capital model of stakeholder’s value co-creation

IBSS (16)

(5) Authors: Yuexi Chen, Xuehui Yang, and Danlei Zhang

Research work titled: Development, Opportunities and Challenges of SME Financing for Young Entrepreneurs in China: A Comparative Study of Shanghai, Shenzhen, and Beijing

IBSS (15)

(6) Authors: Zili Yan, Haoran Deng, Jiajun Jiang, and Yifei Shu

Research work titled: Effect of Cross-Channel Integration on Retailers’ Performance: Adding Bricks and Mortar to a Firm’s Existing Online Channel

IBSS (13)

(7) Authors: Xinyi Zhang, Jing Wen, and Yongfei Li

Research work titled: The empirical analysis of brand-extension strategy: A case of Jodoll in China


WKU-CBPM expects this valuable experience provides the students with a motivation to achieve excellent in their professional careers on a larger scale.