Great Donation from Curator of local Exhibition Center of “Wenruitang” River Culture

On April 27th, 2018, Mr. JIANG Shanzhen, Curator of Wenzhou Exhibition Center of “Wenruitang” River Culture, Member of China Poetry Association, Fellow of China Poetry Research Institue, etc., visits Wenzhou-Kean Library and he is welcomed by Director of the library, Mr. Charles GREENBERG, Associate Director of Media and Design Center, Ms. Jiang Haojie, and a few more faculty members such as Mr. Gary Linebarger and Mr. Toby Michelena, and students.

Mr. JIANG donated a series of literary anthologies reflecting Wenzhou’s “Wenruitang” River culture and ebulliently introduces all the donated anthologies, some of which are written by him while most of which are compiled by him. It is worth mentioning that the pictures, poems, and calligraphy collected in one of the donations span more than 1,596 years, and are even listed as the World Intangible Cultural Heritage. In return, Library Director gives Mr. JIANG an official library thank you letter together with some other souvenirs. What follows is a guided tour through all the current library facilities including the 24-7 study room and our main collections room. Mr. GREENBERG explains our English and Chinese collections, journals, newspapers, and reference collections. After hearing Mr. GREENBERG’s introduction, Mr. JIANG gives a big thumb up to our accomplishments so far.

After the library tour, Mr. JIANG walks up to the roof terrace and takes a panoramic view over the location of the future Library building and the visit is pleasantly wrapped up with a group photo shot.
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