Office of the Registrar provides many services to students, faculty, staff, and visitors, some of which include: class registration, academic record maintenance, course scheduling, change of major and transcript processing, grade collection and recalculation, graduation evaluation, enrollment verification, and test arrangement. Please visit our office or email us at for further information and assistance.

1. Class Registration

All students register online via KeanWISE. Priority for the registration period is determined by the number of credits earned toward the degree. Students who do not take advantage of their designated credit registration time, will be able to register during the ongoing registration cycle. The university does not guarantee offering all courses listed in this catalog. When there is inadequate registration for a course, it may be cancelled. The registrar will notify all students of course cancellations via their student email accounts. Room changes are updated in the online schedule and students are encouraged to review their schedules for any changes prior to the beginning of classes each semester. Incoming freshmen, transfer, and readmitted students are advised of registration with materials that accompany acceptance by the University.

Class Registration procedures are shown as follows:

  • Log in KEANWISE at
  • Search and register for sections
  • Choose and register your major-related courses
  • Check class schedule

2. Probation, Dismissal, Discontinuance Policy for Regular Coursework

Matriculated students earning a cumulative grade point average of less than 2.0 are subject to academic probation. A cumulative average which would place a student on academic probation for the third time makes the student subject to dismissal from the University. Matriculated students earning a cumulative grade point average of less than 1.6 for the first 30 semester hours or less attempted, or less than 1.8 when more than 30 hours have been attempted, are subject to dismissal. Transfer students must satisfy the required minimum standards of academic achievement according to their level of entry into Kean University.

3. Attendance Policy

Attendance is expected in all courses. Attendance will be a component of the grade of any course if so stated in the syllabus. Students are responsible for informing the instructor in advance or in a timely manner of the reasons for their absence. Instructors in consultation with their executive directors/department chairs are expected to respect university practices and policies regarding what counts as an excused absence. Typically excused absences include illness, bereavement or religious observances. Serious tardiness may be dealt with at the discretion of the instructor. Observance of a religious holiday is to be considered an excused absence from class for any student. If a student misses a scheduled examination or other announced assignment because of observance of a religious holiday, the student and instructor shall agree upon a mutually convenient time as an alternate date for completion of the assignment.

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