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Reporter主讲人:  Dr. Zhaoyang ZHANG 张朝阳 博士

Date & Time时间: 18:30-20:30,Thursday, September 19th, 2019


Venue地点:     (CBPM C119)





Zhaoyang Zhang received his Ph.D. in history from University of California at Berkeley (2010) and is currently an associate professor in Shanghai Jiao Tong University in China.  He has published about 30 articles in leading academic journals and conducted a number of important research projects.  He has very broad research interests: so far, most of his works focus on early history of China, while he also pays attention to other aspects of China’s past.





C) 埃及中世纪遗址福斯塔特发现一万余片唐代-明代中国瓷器碎片,见证了中国与阿拉伯的贸易历史——中国瓷器成为当时地中海一带的高端消费品,引领了当地的时尚。


Brief introduction of the lecture:

Historically, the Maritime Silk Road extends from the coastal China to West Asia, North Africa and East Africa, which has had a great impact on world civilization. This lecture will introduce the most representative archaeological discoveries.

  1. A) The sunken ship “Nanhai No. 1” , discovered in Yangjiang, Guangdong Province, in the Song Dynasty, contained various types of foreign trade porcelain with diversified origins, which illustrated the prosperity of foreign trade in the Song Dynasty.
  2. B) The sunken ship “Black Stone” in the Tang Dynasty, found in Indonesian waters, was filled with Chinese porcelain. The porcelain diversified with Arabic inscriptions, Tang poems and Buddhist auspicious patterns, showing pluralism of Tang Dynasty. Also, the ship shows how culture, belief, technology and language can be spread from one region to another through trade and merchandise.
  3. C) More than 10,000 pieces of Tang-Ming Chinese porcelain fragments were found at the Egyptian medieval site of Forstadt, which witnessed the history of trade between China and Arab countries. Chinese porcelain became the most popular luxuries in Mediterranean area and was leading the local fashion.

The history of the ancient Maritime Silk Road can help us understand how international commerce developed and how the commercial structure formed. It has important reference significance for encouraging the exchange and trade between different cultures.

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Date: 19th 九月 2019 @ 下午6:30 - 下午8:30
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