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Reporter主讲人: Mr. Huang Yu Zhang 黄玉章 律师

Date & Time时间: 18:30-20:30,Wednesday, 4th December, 2019


Venue地点: GEH B101 (教学楼B101)



lawyer of Zhejiang Zeshang Law Firm, part-time lecturer of Wenzhou Medical University. He passed the national judicial examination with good grades while at school. After graduating from college, he entered the People’s Court of  Lucheng District as an assistant judge, and then entered Zhejiang Zeshang Law Firm as a professional lawyer. Due to the outstanding performance in recent years, Mr. Huang won honorary titles like “Advanced Individual of Wenzhou Lucheng Justice Bureau Legal Adviser Work” and “Star of Youth”.




Cultivating good legal concept and legal quality will help college students to establish consciousness of socialist citizenship, enhance the rights and obligations of citizens and the sense of responsibility of being masters of the country, which will play an important role in devoting themselves to socialist construction in the future, taking the lead in studying law, abiding by law and using law in social life, and reducing crimes. If there is no corresponding legal knowledge, strong legal concept, and high legal quality, it cannot meet the needs of the market economy and social development. At the same time, college students often become one of the main targets of fraud. Through the analysis of legal relations, this course shares the methods of fraud prevention and expects to establish a guarantee for students’ college life.

Event Details

Date: 4th 十二月 2019 @ 下午6:30 - 下午8:30
Time: 下午6:30 - 下午8:30
Venue CBPM C135
Address: Wenzhou-Kean University
Organizer Name: 国情中心