The Supervision Office mainly performs the internal audit function, the supervision function, the protection function and the punishing function in the construction of the system for punishing and preventing corruption.


The vision of the Supervision Office serves as a regulator to check the work of the various units of the university, to assist university leaders and relevant departments to monitor the object, abide by the law, perform their duties, and maintain incorruptible government education. Meanwhile, to be recognized by the university leadership as a valuable business partner by independently and objectively providing information, analyses to assist management in fulfilling their responsibility for ensuring operations are managed ethically, effectively and efficiently.


The mission of the Supervision Office is to monitor the implementation of national laws, regulations, policies and school resolution, decisions, regulations, processing monitor objects in violation of national laws, regulations, policies and administrative discipline behavior to correct unhealthy tendencies; The mission of auditing is to conducting internal audits and evaluating risk management, control, and governance processes of WKU.

Staff:LIN Shiyi

Staff:SUN Yinghe