Residence life and Housing center is committed to providing a safe and well maintained University living and learning environment that enables students to maximize their academic and personal goals within a multicultural, globally oriented campus community.




Residence Hall Director

The Residence Hall Director (RHD) is responsible for all administrative, educational, and supervisory responsibilities of one or more assigned halls.  S/he creates a living environment where students can maximize their academic success and where the safety and welfare of all resident is promoted.  The RHD’s responsibilities include: staff supervision, student discipline, facilities maintenance, programming, room occupancy/changes, duty rotation and project areas as assigned. The Residence Hall Director is a full-time, live-in position.


Resident Assistant

Resident Assistants are live-in para-professional staff members who have a visible, active, and positive presence in  residence halls. Resident Assistants work individually and collaboratively to help first year students experience a positive transition to Wenzhou-Kean University and transfer upper-class successfully transitioning through college experience to a life beyond college. Resident Assistants implement programs and initiatives that provide students opportunities to connect to faculty and instructors in an informal atmosphere. The programs will create an environment in which the first year student is able to learn about the role they play in the larger community around themselves as well as incorporating the idea of one’s existential sense of meaning and purpose towards life. Resident Assistants also help maintain the safety and security of the residence halls. Additionally, a critical part of RA experience is connecting students with academic resources that will assist with transition from Wenzhou-Kean University to professional job training which includes faculty/instructors, Career Services, tutors, study locations, libraries.

Coordinator: Nelson Lv