Student Academic Support Service Center



About the Center

Student Academic Support Services Center (SASSC) at Wenzhou-Kean University (WKU), by collaborating other campus offices, centers and colleges in the community, provides comprehensive academic support services to students enrolled at WKU. Workshops, special advising and focused tutoring will be available to support students who struggle academically, who intent to achieve to his/her best academic excellence.



To maximize WKU students’ academic success and persistence to graduation.


We aim to:

– Provide professional and quality academic support services for WKU students.

– Embrace the diversity of all our students to meet their needs and expectations.

– Identify and support students who are in academic distress and who are not meeting their own academic expectations.

– Collaborate and partner with faculty, administrators, and departments to coordinate a campus-wide network of academic support.

– Respect students’ academic confidentiality.


Key Campus Collaborations

Residence Life, Student Affairs

Office of Registrar

English Language Center

Academic Affairs Office

Counselling Center

CLA Team

Career Development Center

Dean’s Office


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Assistant Director: Ruan Qianqian

Coordinator: Cheng Chi