Physical Education


The idea of “health first” will be established under the new curriculum standard. The course will embody the three-dimensional health which are the dimensions of body, psychology and society, and realize the five targets of sports, which are participation, sports skills, physical health, mental health and social adaptation.

The course focuses on cultivating students’ interests. By integrating domestic and international educational resources with innovative methods, the course will promote international characteristics and carry out featured physical education courses to promote whole-person education centering the aim of “Five C” education in WKU.

We aim at reforming the evaluation system, bettering the screening and selection function of evaluation, innovate and open teaching methods. Also students’ interests will be paid with attention and the integration of physical education will be actualized in and out of class, therefore the course will create a campus sports culture atmosphere.

B.Student Learning Outcomes

Participation: to cultivate the habit and the ideology of life-long exercising.

Skills: to learn more than two skill sets of sports activities.

Physical Healthfulness: to form a healthy living style through effectively learning knowledge and ways of improving physical fitness and forming healthy habits.

Psychological Healthfulness: to learn to design individual schedule for exercising and adopt ways to sustain positive attitude towards life through sports activities.

Social Accommodation: to form good physical ethics and collaboration spirits, and to correctly deal with relations of competition and cooperation.